Thursday, June 3, 2010


To Sheyenne and Samarr

I had so much fun with you guys in the playground, playing basketball, watching you swing so high on the swings.

Time has gone by and you've gotten bigger and stronger!

I remember when there was a time i had to push you both on the swings because you couldn't push yourself, and Sheyenne picked it up at one point but i still pushed you both!
At times yesterday i stopped and looked at you two and thought about how happy i was to be your Father.
It felt like we all were best friends out there having fun.
Especially when Sheyenne walked on the basketball courts and start taking shots, that made my head turn a little, but i stayed with it and we got caught in a friendly little two on two game with some other kids, and that was all she wrote.
I saw my competitive spirit that  i posse right before my eyes, even though she walked, double dribbled and recited almost every wrong call in the book, but she played amazing defense moving her legs faster then i ever seen, in flip flops!
I wish i had it on camera, me and the other kids out there couldn't help but laugh, it was way too funny! (She was moving left to right so fast)
There was no way you could get by her, then she got down and dirty and stole the ball from the little guy, and slammed him to the ground.

I couldn't control her competitive spirits, if she keeps this up, she's definitely gonna have the  college teams knocking down her door.
i really couldnt believe it, it was too funny, she really takes a liking to basketball and was very serious about it.
Guess who's going to basketball camp and not ballet!
Meanwhile, my son, he's a character.
There's this little guy the same age as him, over playing the crap out of my son, and sometimes i have to remind myself that he's only 8 and that he's not suppose to operate how an older kid is, but he looks like he's ten.
So this little guys is killing my son, but my son is bullying him all over, but the little guy had natural skill.
I was laughing all day because of that, he seems to have passion for knocking over people and making his own way.
Sounds like a football player to me! (God help him) and me, how much these camps gonna cost?
I know i may have mentioned it before, but when you put time in with your kids, its really a good thing.
It's guidance for them, something that seems to be an lost art in parenting.
Some kids have their own agenda by the time they are ten or twelve.

Anyway, i felt like a kid again, joking around and talking with my kids, i love them,they are my pride and joy, what much better can you ask for.
You put life into something and to be able to see it grow is the best thing.

I vow to stay close to them, so that they can be everything that they wanna be. I wanna see them succeed!  It is very important that they have my support 100% in everything that they do. 
And it makes it easier for them. Life is a tuff thing, and your gonna have your obstacles, but having a support system is everything.
I will be that for them regardless on how demanding my career is.

Try to stay young people, stay young with your kids, don't be the parent that doesn't have a friendly relationship with your child. Participate, be active with them, it  goes a long way.
I have to learn how to play chess so i can beat my smart little daughter!
I want bragging rights on her, ha-ha.
I hate cartoons, but i have to stay updated on some of them in order to share jokes with my son!
All these things are little things, but they become they biggest memories in a child's life.
Best believe that one!
Every now and then, you have to come out of your serious person you are, and become a child again, i did, and it was fun, smiling,laughing, making little jokes. Keeps the peace, and it is your way to their heart.
Once that is done, the listening to, and guidance is a piece of cake!


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