Saturday, June 5, 2010

Music, and presenting The leader of the New School "Chase Allen"

I make music of all types, and people are always asking me, what do i specialize in.
I tell them, i make good music and i work with great artist that takes the beats i produce to the next level.
You should never be subject to one genre of music, specially when its been flowing through your veins since you were a child.
If you have the ear to make it, then just do it!
I grew up listening to Steely Dan,Prince,Steve Wonder,Michael Jackson,Heat wave,New Birth,Peabo Bryson..... you name it.
I credit my family for spoiling my ears with such great music when i was young, and back then, growing up in the early eighties, music all around was great. Not one bad record, even one hit wonder records where great.
Now days, music seems to be in another place, and in the hands of people who don't even have a clue about music, well real music anyway.
Thanks mom, for being the great singer you still are, and sacrificed your talent and career to take care of me and brother and sisters. I love you so much for doing that, and thank you for all the belief you had in me once i discovered my dream of being a full time musician.

As i stated before in my last blog, having the support system from your parents is pivotal!
And i had that from my parents.
Dad thank you for letting bang on the drums when i was getting my beat together, i know that was a long and loud process, but see, now i have a studio where i can make as much noise as i want. Thank you for putting me in touch with all the great music, and thank you for taking me to concerts as a kid. That goes a long way!
So with that, back to music.

Recently i just finished working with my homie, Chase Allen, he's got the sound that will take him out of philly and further. We also had the pleasure of working with My man Dj Statik AKA Mr Sonny James, who put a thrilling touch on the mix your listening to now!

I started off saying i do all types of music, and one of them is of course Hip Hop!
Chase is a 20 year old Mc in philly, who's sound got me to work with him and work on his new mix-tape he just released today.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His rhymes are clever, and he's got enough confidence to be out in the front.
Not the typical philly rapper talking about drugs, and killing people, a cool mix of drake, kid cudi,and lupe.
Also, once you hear him, you may think that he sounds similar to kanye, and trust me, thats not a bad thing. I agree with you :) But everyday he's evolving into his own.
I produced a few songs on the mix-tape along with my boy "Philly Ant" And his own Older Brother Corey"Ceasi" Smith. Dope New producers with banging beats!
It was fun listening to his verses as we recorded them at studio pine.
I hope when you listen, you can vision this kid's future! Please tune in, check out his song entitled "The Future" That i did, and we concluded the mix-tape with it.

So please enjoy listening to his mix tape as we begin a journey towards his bright future!
The Leader of the New School. Check out the trailer Put together by Creative design's Robert Armour
And Click right underneath to listen and download the 2010 Chase allen mixtape!

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