Friday, July 16, 2010


Well.... another show down and three to go and I'll be heading back to philly soon. The last batch of dates are all well near each other which makes me happy because I get to escape the extensive traveling I've been doing!

Amsterdam,Holland is a very special place and it belongs to memories of many different people, including myself. And before you guys begin to jump the gun.... these memories are all within... No crazy stories too much......

I look around and I see bikes, all of sizes and shapes, a very few are decked in cool colors, but It is definitely the way of transportation around in that town, and to be quite honest, I was really digging the idea of rolling up on a bike for a date or meeting, or whatever it is.
Just imagine how it would be to roll somewhere of distance..... on your bike!

Whatever! call it corny if you like, but I'm sure at some point you've all had in your mind to have a romantic time with your partner, wether It's riding bikes, or whatever, but since we're on the Amsterdam topic, yeah riding bikes!
I'm kinda  bummed about only being in town for a few hours, it was, and i mean literally, we were in and out!
I got to take a few pictures of what I thought my be interesting enough for you guys to see! Three more cities to go and my camera is flashing in the red, and you know i left the charger home............. i know, blame it on me for last minute packing.... I took everything else but that!   Well folks, lets see what I come up with!
This show was special, a few of the band members were talking about old times, we played Amsterdam quite a few times and the first couple were pretty memorable times, We've played here in the year 2000 rocking the stage then!

What an excellent venue Paridiso is, this night was going back down memory lane. I even have a favorite Chicken Swarmer spot  called Oma's.
We go there every time we are there, its located right around the corner from the venue! Excellent food, you sit down, they give you the old school wooden bowls with fries, and the sandwich..... The truth.....I can go without the red light district stuff, thats for the birds.... Always will you see crazy sights but like they say, different folks  different strokes!
With so many things going on in a few hours there, i documented some really cool things, and shall I say, only in Europe folks, only in europe. Take a vacation here people, we are in 2010... Broaden your horizon folks, I promise that you wont regret it! Thats what the world is here for, save up some money and take a trip!

Before I leave... I wanted to touch the Importance of the load in and sound crew of these venues.
They wait there patiently for you to arrive and most of them are pleasant and they get the job done for you! Being a musician, i remember walking past them and not expressing my gratitude to them for being such a hard worker on their respected jobs!
At the end of the day, their job is to make you able to hear your self, and sound good in the audience. This tour, these guys have been more then welcoming with helping us out, and I thank them very much!
Not sure if i wanna give props to the light guys, they are responsible for these amazing light shows, but it makes me burn and sweat, sweat and burn :)

Anyway, I'm off to Oslo, Norway.... let's see what happens there!

I'm telling you guys, this is how they get down in Amsterdam, looks like she got some groceries in the tub, ready to go cook a nice meal and have a cool evening!
Here it is, the good Old classic date on a bike! I told yall
This church of a venue has a great vibe, always amazing stuff goin going on in here
There go my homie! how many years have we played here?
We shared the stage with this legendary guy! a few times
Romantic enough?
A view from my hotel room!
Now if we had hard rock cafe presented to us like this in the states, i would eat there too
Imagine this as your Flat! Nice
Chess Match outside, How dope is that! Love you shey! This one was for you!
They were going in until we had to sight, i'd have to admit.

Thats all peoples...... have a good evening!

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