Sunday, July 11, 2010

Berlin,Germany once again!

Berlin Berlin, Big city And dreams... just kidding, But at least everyone swears by this place! It's cool in some sense and I won't even argue that. Plus one of my Favorite Thai places are here called Moon Thai. Food was great and Me and tony  caught a crazy case of itis while watching the world cup match, and nodded a few times. It's definitely one of my Top Three of Thai restaurants of course, followed by the one in philly,manayunk, and the one on baltimore ave.

In my attempt to document what my eyes saw through my Canon G10 camera yesterday, I felt so sluggish and the ride from Copenhagen to Berlin really did a number on us, and we still rocked the show. I mean it was Up close and personal, but everyone who watched the show left in an Incredible amazement! Bilal is a special dude and I'm totally blessed to have been able to soak up all his musical genius after all these years! (Now knowing him for so long ,makes that comment feel a little funny, because believe it or not, we often never really comment on each other's Craft!) You guys maybe, but me, My replies are simply like, Oh yeah, good show dude,or a nod of the head like Yup! His, are barely that! :)

Last night in Berlin was like a test for us, because the last time we performed here, it was a crazy performance, details i rather not discuss! 
We had a task of convincing people we really have a good show, and we stand behind a legacy of great music, and only one of the best singers in the world! ( Yes I said it world)

Songs entitled "Restart" and "Think It Over" goes over well with our past few audiences!
So congrats to my homeboy for  getting back in the flow!
The Berlin crowd got a great show, and it was major Hot in that place! I Appreciated all the love, I guess some people are moved by my playing and newly appointed job as a background singer while playing the kit!
( Can i just sidebar real quick and tell you guys that my room is extra hot, they came to fix the Ac but it still feels like a sauna in here!!!!!  Right this very moment!!!!)

Ok, so maybe I really inspire people through my playing, and musical gifts!  A few seem to think so last night.
(Another side Bar.... I"m Missing entourage tonight and there's no way I can watch it over here :( :( yeah i bet that was pretty funny and random....

Ok, so yeah, I'm feeling inspired and ready to take my career to new heights, and with that said, I've  finished working with Berlin's own Joy Denalane new cd,which shall drop this fall! She's an amazing talent, being able to sing so well in english and sound like she's been doing it all her life with a great sound to her voice, As i think about Berlin, and being here, i figured i would share that with you guys because you didn't know.... Another album that I've put some great work into! 

Don't forget about the Bilal"s airtight revenge Album too, I've done  a few things that people shall take a liking too! Both Albums, just get them when they drop!

This one particular venue that we performed at i was not familiar with and I've played in Berlin quite a bit!
But hey, we've reached some new fans here and the legacy has been revived and shall continue as our show  picks back up in Paris!  Pretty cool right, London/Paris/Berlin/Amsterdam!... and more!
I'm have to get ready and have myself in the van by 8 am and it's already 2:45 am over here in Berlin!
Good evening everyone... catch in Paris!
Berlin's S-Train, took a field day
Corey Bernhard and Tone Whitfield
We stayed on the east side, but that couldnt stop us going to Moon Thai on the west side
Tone getting his ticket!
People just roll with their bikes on the train!
Boy was that some adventure finding our way, but we manged
Corey Bernhard next to the mop pad on streets of Berlin
Ok your wondering why do i have a pic of my bathroom, wait excuse my french the toilet area,
New designs are cool and all but the way the shower and toilet is together with that one little piece of glass separating them is terrible and a hazzard, i bumped my head a few times because i wasnt use to the glass being there. but kinda cool when u look at it, miss that shower already

I as get set to travel to paris, everyone take the time out to pray for the hawkins family, Walter Hawkins passed away, for all who don't know, he was an amazing gospel singer with great songs that lined my family music stream for years!


  1. Dope that you take the time to document this and share your experiences w/ us. I love love love Thai food. Jealous you went to a great one and there aren't any here, gotta go to NY. Have a safe trip onto the next and look forward to reading more of your travels. The pics ain't bad either ;)

  2. thanks titi, appreciate it much!