Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hanging In Copenhagen,Denmark

Day Two on the tour, another ferry ride into Berlin and I'm having a few flash backs from last night. A friend told me I should outline my postive moments from the tour and not be so angry! You guys thought my last blog was angry?

I dont think so, I just think that I was disapointed with the turnout in Koln,Germany. Nothing major, I felt like it could have been better, but with every first show, you have to take some losses!
So basicially I was not upset, just kinda bummed how the turn out was, from my perspective, a few people thought the show was pretty good! Thats cool.

On to Copenhagen, You gotta love that town in Denmark! Its very cool, down to earth and for the first time in a long time i enjoyed  myself and it didnt involve hanging in a club getting wasted!
We sat outside on the bare ground in a circle full of people, sitting there conversating, listening to music, drinking, and of course everyone had a cigarette in their hands, (ahhhhh Where's the shampoo for my hair)

The club was a small venue called Rust, we ran into some good friends their too! The sound was nice, i could hear myself sing and the others, and i felt like we played a better show, due to energy and just overall everything was there! The show is coming along as we keep introducing new songs from the album, They seem to have liked it alot, while still being star gazed!

Going back to sitting out in the park, wait, it wasn't even a park, just small random area where people came with their crews and sat down on the pavement with radio's blasting cool music and having a ball.
In all my time in europe, i never experienced a scene like that, and my bandmates could agree too!
We all were chillin, yup, even me sitting on the ground, on my cymbal bag of course, for all those who know me, you know I wouldn't just do it like that!

It was pure happiness going on, people making new friends, I'd like to experience that more in my hometown! But we all know philly right!

Copenhagen also seemed to be a rich musical town, filled with talented people who know their stuff! You gotta love that.
We stayed in a interesting hotel, right outside our hotel was this live and in person hooker service going on, walking up and  down the street trying to get their groove on.
Funny thing was, you saw their pimps pacing back and forth monitering the whole scene, keeping them in check!
Yes, very very funny scene, and then exactly right next to my hotel was a counseling center for "Foreign women" right dead in the mist of the hookers walking up and down the street, here it is a center for women.... gotta love it, please scroll down for pictures for proof.
Also one more thing before i go, i thought Amtsterdam was a Bicycle town, Copenhagen may have them beat, their were bikes everywhere, almost getting you inspired to ride you own bike! I mean everybody had bikes..........Ok........ok.......... I sound a little amped about these bikes, But hey.... I'm sharing with you guys and making the best of these situations so that i can share them with you!
I would definitely recommend vacating here in Denmark, it  has a cool vibe, very chilled and relaxing!
My Next stop is Berlin,Germany and that's also a cool town to be! So I'm gonna go and see what happens!
Hope you guys are having a "Hot July" It's also very hot over here too! 

Like i said, in Denmark, Lots of people ride bikes!

More Bikes
The inside of Rust Club in Copenhagen
Thats our small stage that sounded killing, check out the backline!
As i promised, directly next door to my hotel! WTH
There's my hotel, there is  the women's place
Here's a view of hotels from my room.
Now this is where the fun started that nite, sitting outside on the ground,Tony gets it started
The party on the ground after the show in Denmark
Steve,Mike Severson, And Quadron_Quadron Dope group from denmark!
Here we are again, sitting on the ground!
Even bilal joined the action!
Bilal and Tony Were Lit!
That was a first for me
In black in white it started getting bright outside
Once it got light out, the night ended. and thats all folks from denmark

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. Despite the smoke, lol. You are too funny. The club y'all performed in looks dope as hell, and how cool Quadron came out. They were JUST here in Philly.