Monday, July 5, 2010

It All Happens For A Reason.....

Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes, when your on the good side of that, great things come to you, when you've worked hard enough and earned it.
Well my happening was one night hanging out and being who I'm suppose to be, on the scene, networking and making moves to get closer to my dream, I ran into a old but cool and great friend.
They were in charge of putting together a house band for the  welcome america show on the Ben Franklin Parkway yesterday in Philly.
They needed a decent band and I was there and accepted the job to play for three up and coming new artist, and threw in mines too, who goes by the name of Chase Allen ( Leader of the New School) The time slot was pretty slim but the turn out was amazing in my eyes.
Anyway, back to the story, i was also offered to play a small kinda jam session throughout the day to balance the acts that came on. So instead of jamming on the one with my Close friends Tone Whitfield and Pete Kuzma.. Instead we used those few minutes to showcase  Chase and give him a chance to perform music from his upcoming album!  Turnout? Successful!
He and the other three female artist did great. He commanded the crowd's attention and performed his material with great poise.
I was proud and he definitely represented everything I stand for in music and performing, which is executing great music that people can vibe to and feel!
The day was pretty long as we arrived around noon to setup and get started! We had a 1pm start time, and did our last performance around 6:30pm with Brooklyn singer CoCo Sarai( She did great, as well as Iman another Ny based singer, and Nicoya based out of Houston Texas)
The evening before was rehearsals and I can't even lie, I didn't listen to the music until two days before we had the concert, but being a professional, you can do things like that and still go and perform and have an amazing turnout!
I have ten years in performing, thats why I'm able to do things like that. Afterwards, the show was great, everybody was happy, nobody booed Iman for singing Jill Scott's "Long Walk" thank goodness and the music sounded great!
WAIT........ did i forget to mention I suck big time for wearing Seven jeans in that layer-less hot beaming sun. Bad choice, my legs  contained so much sweat and unnecessary heat! Shame on me, i suffered right along with Chase, he also decided to wear jeans too!
That sun was crazy, I believe it was right dead on 100 degrees, but great job to the stage crew, they made sure it was nice and cool up there, Surprisingly, I didn't' sweat as much as i usually do when I'm onstage drumming and there was no towels, or waters on stage!  (What The Heck!!!!)

Thanks to my boy Josh Collins from U-City, He rocked on stage today with Chase, As he sang on a few of Chase's Album cuts that I Produced Entitled "Lovers" And "Fast Cars" Although  we didn't feel that Fast Cars was appropriate for the family crowd, we performed The Intro of his New Mixtape that I just produced Please downLoad it Here Click Right on this link MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD NSL, Like i typed before, good turnout, and first time rocking with a live band on a major show! Thanks to Josh for coming out and hanging with us in the heat.

Hezekiah, My boy too, has an new album coming out entitled "Conscience Porn" Thats i produced a few things on as well made the trip but didn't get the chance to perform due to crazy scheduling of the show, My love goes out to him as well.... Tone Whitfield and Pete Kuzma Dogged it out with me today, and the reason why this show for me happened was to promote and get some love flowing for my Hip Hop Artist Chase Allen. Just think of it, I was in the right place at the right time, and then there was a slot for me to play music, Whatever i wanted, So I elected to give that to a hungry Mc who is ready and deserves a chance.... There you go CHASE Let's get Em'

Chase Rocking the  Stage
Chase Steve And One Of My Best Friends!!! Period.. Tone Whitfield
One of the three artist i performed with Named Nicoya From Houston, Texas
Ok chase, big things huh, with the flag on your back!
One more time Chase Allen NSL
Fun times with Pete Kuzma And Tone Whitfield
Yup it was Pretty hot comign off stage.. thanks to my Boy John Price for these photo's
Even though the sun baked me all day, it was a great turnout!
Where's the water ice stand Josh!

Be sure to follow some of my tour blogs as i get ready to head to europe!

thanks for reading!


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  1. It was CRAZY hot that day, I was down the Parkway that evening. I can't believe y'all wore jeans, LMAO.