Friday, July 9, 2010

Late on my Post, Blame the internet.....Day 1 In Koln,Germany

Well here I am back in germany again and this time I'll be hitting the stage with My Friend Bilal.
His european promo Tour starts tonight in Koln,Germany.
Me and bass player/producer of "little Ones" off Bilal's new album Conley Whitfield flew in together today but had a terrible start on the runway in philly which lead to one angry lady getting kicked off the plane due to her bad behavior. We were scheduled to leave at 6:30 but then a malfunction with the plane's computer happened which caused us to sit on the runway parked at the gate until about 10:45

We finally took off and I'm sure the show promoters were happy that we stayed on the plane and not put the risk of missing our first show!
Sitting on  plane taxing is one thing, but sitting on the plane and your just waiting there for some information is kinda bad, at one point the pilot told us an hour, then he came back and told us another 55 minutes! What else was there to do, some people were pissed and they got off the plane and left, but you could not get back on once they had it together.
So we waited, and waited.
Now some of you might remember my last blog about being out in the crazy heat on the 4th of july, when i elected to wear jeans over a cool pair of shorts. My morning of the flight went very smooth, and it was very hot again, and this time i said let me wear shorts today, and I managed to get quite a few things done in the day. Then once it was time to head out to the airport i figured i would just keep my shorts on! Huge Mistake, the airplane's air condition system was Freezing!!!!!!! I couldn't win!

So what I did was take three of those little blankets they give you and i wrapped two around my legs, like a female.....................Yes it was that cold, I couldn't believe it.
I have a feeling this tour will revolve around planes, trains, and automobiles, as we sit in traffic in our tour Van not BUS! :(
What was suppose to be a nice and easy 7 hour flight turned into horrible 12 hour trip, But hey, there has been worse times.
Koln should be fun tonight, this place is loaded with Great musician's that I know. I hope they will get the time to come out tonight and check out the show.
Next stop up is a bus ride to CopenHagen,Denmark. Thats another town full of great musicians and then from there to Berlin............ Stay tuned in and  thanks for keeping up with me and everything.

I have safely arrived, Our plane was very late getting in, but none of my luggage was missing, that's a very good thing.
Now I'm off to the hotel to check In and get ready to go soundcheck! 
Talk about a life huh... this is some real work here, try flying 8 hours into another time zone and then soon as you get there it's time for work! 
I also hear that the roots are gonna be in Paris today, congrats to them on their New album too!
Later folks 
This is our van that will drive us around in europe!!!
These Kicks made it the tour
Traffic getting to Koln,Germany
The drum set they brought me for the show! Seriously!
tony's bass rig, that dont look like ampeg!
Thats the stage! was rough!

Thats all folks!

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  1. Give the drummer some, no ma really....