Thursday, July 15, 2010


So Here I am back In London town, just finished our show at Club Fabric which kinda started off on the wrong foot............well here we are again with that back line gear, only this time, they were expecting me to setup my drum kit..... Like take it out the box, carry to the stage and set it up!
And in the back of my mind, I'm saying why  aren't the drums setup like normal and I'll just walk in and do a little tuning and throw my cymbals up. Nope I swallowed my pride and set them up, pissed the whole time, then came back to my senses!
(Thanks, Tony You helped me out there for a second)
Upon arrival to London we had to endure yet another ferry ride across the ocean into London, But! We got yanked in immigration of course, well because being a musician, they just don't like the way we live out lives and make money, it's too lose and free, and they wanna be able to structure it with how much you can make and track you with work permits, and while some people can get stamped to stay in town for six months, we are subject to only 4 and 5 days out the time and then we gotta leave town! So yeah so just keep it tight, and you will not have any problems!

So London crowd was cool tonight, very accepting of the new songs, and i noticed  a few people in the front needed air plugs from all the rocking out we've done. (Sorry) When i noticed i started to play a little softer!

I wanted to go in on these ferry trips back and forth, but I don't wanna make it seem like I'm complaining so, I'll keep it short and sweet and let you know that we have yet another one to take Tomorrow in route to Amsterdam!
For some reason since we've been having great summer weather in europe, I just figured that that would carry over in London today, Wishful thinking is cool, but not today.
The rain came down and it kept me from taking pictures like i wanted too, oh well, you can get the idea from what I've shown you!
London is a very cool town, I often thought today, wow, I have friends back at home that would soak up these moments and most importantly fit right into this european zone.
I could single handily point out some of my friends that are not in the right country or city and would love to be in these cities that i often visit and take full advantage of! And I often thought, I wonder what my parents would feel like to be in the streets of Barcelona, or Paris, Or where ever. How would they take it in?

Remains to be scene! 
It was on my mind, and made me wonder about it! 
Today was more like a meditation day driving along the road towards London, and I was totally sleep for most of it, Until that damn ferry ride came up.........Ok i won't go into it, I promised i won't my trip or any negative thing around  it.
On my way back to the hotel, me,bilal and corey, saw a Fox! Yup i said fox, it was surreal to see that, when you always read about them in books in school, it ran away from us like we never even saw it! funny stuff, a fox!

Great show tonight in london and Four more to go! And I'm back on the plane home to philly!
Have A good one everybody, I hope that you enjoyed the video clips!
Museum Of London
Train Station
The streets of London
This is how they do in london, right after work, Talking and drinking,
This Art was posted in the lobby of my hotel! pretty dope
Streets of London again
Think it over.... new record of the album

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