Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Nice day In Paris

Here we are In Paris,France.....Beautiful day outside and back home in philly it's raining and thunder, that's pretty bad, sounds like a nice and cuddle day to me! Watch a few movies and maybe a nice and healthy home cooked meal.
Ok back to Paris! I can understand why people love this country and the atmosphere,   and while the sun is shining with a tint of La sunny weather, what more can you ask for? Maybe the south of france on Nice Beach, but other then that, i think its pretty cool.
This has to mark my 11th time here, maybe more, I've played here with a few different groups and I've even recorded some live music here, so its safe to say that I've seen Paris through all the seasons it has to offer.

Love is in the air most definitely, some of my close friends say this is their favorite place to be!  These are times when i wish of a significant other, to travel these journeys with me and just have a cool romance,  and just soaking up the moment here in the streets of Paris! I almost guarantee that you will have a smile on your face and always would wanna come back!

The Music scene here is great too, i always enjoy playing here since my first time back in 2000! Every time I've played here, the crowd has been amazing, and very supportive and kind, and just such passionate lovers of good music.
I believe Europe is the place that appreciates all kinds of music, wether it's old or new! They will accept and embrace you.

As I write my blog, a good friend (Robert Amour) Just commented on my Face book page telling me that I must love what I do, knowing I'm in Paris, and I thought, Yeah, I do, But It's a combination of things that makes it so interesting.... Which are... The hotels we stay at, the accommodations and the Venues. Today all three in tact and it makes a world of a difference!

Today we arrived at a Hotel called "The MAMA Shelter" Gotta love it, everything is MAC Computer Integrated, The lobby is a cool hangout and  the rooms are very relaxing! Then i walked into my bathroom, ready to bath and i see all the products to wash, lotion and everything were from Kiehl's
I thought wow, keihl's product in the bathroom, that was a first!
If any body know their lotion and shampoo products or whatever you like, Kiehl's brand is off the chain, pretty pricey, but its good stuff, which will be going in my travel bag!

Mama Shelter hotel has it going on, and if you ever visit paris, maybe you wanna stop by here  during your stay!

On to the venue for tonight, La BelleVilloise Club. Sound was great, backline  equipment was right on point and most of all importantly, the show is sold out! Should be a good one! And We start early, every night before, we went on stage no later then 1 am.... crazy right!  I know, not tonight, looks like were gonna hit it and quit it!
Besides we got London tomorrow, and then Amsterdam the next! We're in full motion now.

When the weather is great and the sun is shinning, it automatically puts you in a good mood, you have a clear mind towards whatever it is your about to do. In my pics, i tried documenting whatever i saw that was random, but simple enough to give you an illusion to draw while checking the pics out!
I've had some life changing moments in Paris, and if you ever been, I'm sure you've had a few too, mines, yes they are disclosed, can't talk about that of course, but this place is a magnet for moments and adventures!

Its safe to say that they have been good, and not so bad, and most of all important, I've created some great music here and built up a base where people actually know who I am whenever i appear here.
Thats safe to say a small legacy huh? So yeah, i feel blessed and I'm enjoying my time here more then ever before, I can't really pin point it, but my mind is sorta free, and not too much stress on me, and it's just a huge weight off my shoulder to just sit in my room and chill out.

There was really no time to venture out and sight see, we often never have that kinda time, its always in and out, and hopefully you'll get a minute to grab something good to eat, like the other day in  Berlin.... (Good Stuff) Moon Thai..... Thai goes down in europe, there's another fancy one next to the venue today, can someone say BUYOUT! Were gonna hit it folks,
I'll Report back with you guys tomorrow from London Town, Shout out to me girl Estelle! And my Boy Leon!

Have a good day everyone, i hear the sun is trying to peek out!

Later --------------MCKIE-----------------
A rest stop on the way to paris
250 km were a nice long drive to Paris, ever seen it like that?
Outside the hotel in Paris
Le Mama Shelter
They Have super makets too!
Right outside my Window, there's a old vintage tunnel
They do Mc donald's too, not to worry, just a pic i took, i haven't eaten there!
This cool cafe across from my hotel, seems like they have fun in there!
Fly elavator in Mama SHelter
How about that for a carpet in the hotel room!
There the venue for tonight, and thats all i got for you folks, have a good one,
I'm out of here! late for lobby call as usual!

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