Friday, July 16, 2010


Oslo,Norway........For a crowd that's not too familiar with us...I wanna say thank you for listening to us. You guys rocked with us..... even sang some of the songs!
We have fans even in places we wouldn't expect....Oslo,Norway... 

Sights are beautiful, puts me in a place where it feels surreal, but yes, actually its real and I'm here.
Well today's travel went slightly different with Flying instead of driving! That was great, but my flight wasn't my most comfortable one. I will not complain though.... (Maud) seems to think I complain about stuff.. so for her sake... I'm gonna keep it cool! She told me I was complaining about the way my drums were in Koln Last week, Remember that one, the first blog of the tour!  Home Boy Backline R Us. Follow Maud Arnold on Twitter Guys, she's a Cool friend!

Anyway..... I'm gonna be cool on this one... I shall instead say that I'm blessed to have landed ok with no bumps and bruises and we made it Here to perform our show. 
The band before us played some good sounds, i actually watched most of their set... Killing!
This gig was  a more easy going one.... with us basically introducing ourselves to a new audience.... Like i said, they enjoyed it, and so did we.
Like james brown said... We hit it and quit on a great note! Oslo  Rocks....
WE Played about a good 50 minutes and we were done! 
Back to the hotel, to get up early in the Am to do it again, festival style In Dour, Belgium...... and please no waffles and ice cream Ms. Falcon.....
That food is far from my list of things that i need to be eating!

I walked around today with the little time I had off, and was impressed on how clean it was and how easy going it felt to walk around.
There are hills galore here and right at this very moment that I'm writing, It's about 3:35 am in the morning! Right! But Check this, Looks Like a scene from the shinning if you ask me! Just kidding,But it was kinda spooky for a second.

This time around, being in europe and touring with B, promoting the new album came with a different feeling, I wrote a blog about it, and if your remember correct, I mentioned  feeling accomplished! But not contempt.

It's very important to keep that mindset, because once a few things start rolling in your life, you've thought you made it!
Nope, keep it cool!
Oslo,Norway is cool too, but why it is full day light outside at 3:30 am????
Can't understand, so I'll just embrace it.
This festival was cool and easy! Great catering too, I ate healthy folks... what more can you do.
I have three more days until I'm out of here, so while I'm still here, I shall take advantage on how they eat in really small portions!
Thanks Norway I had a ball here.... that flight coming in though, was not the deal, I was so tired that I feel asleep right before we landed, and if you don't have any idea on what not to do when flying... never... ever.. fall asleep...Before and while landing...Why?
Well because you get into a good mood of sleep finally and then once that plane hits the ground without your knowing................BOOM........ rude awake right!

Then you catch your gatherings...... I've landed...... Belgium Is the next stop... We're on the move....  later

Beautiful place.. I'm always getting the cool views from my hotel room! Nice
More bed room views, 
Folks in Oslo eating nice and calm!
Tony walking near the fountain! In Oslo
Fountain... forgive me for not knowing the name of it!
Tone is getting mad love in my photo's MY BOY 
In the streets  of oslo
Not quite Amsterdam bike outing.. but hey.. It's europe
Yeah.. H&M is every where, not that i shop there, but i know some of you do!
Thats all I'm rockin with these days... simple and sweet. all that backline talk and those tama drums sounded amazing!  Thats all folks, check me in Belgium!

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