Saturday, August 21, 2010

After a few weeks of vacation... I'm Back

What's Up everybody,
As you know the month of August has come and at this point, its basically over in a few weeks!
I celebrated a birthday with close friends and family and had a blast, sorry to those who wasn't able to come, but if you come to Elena's soul every other thursday then I'm sure you would have known about it.

The Jam session. It happens every other thursday and if I'm in town, You'll sure to catch me there playing, rocking out with my wonderful musician friends. Chuck Treece, Tone Whitfield, Curt Chambers, Erik Wortham, Res, Jaguar Wright, Danophonic Dan, Chase Allen and Special thanks to  Elena's Soul and Ms Falcon for the cake and shots.

That night was pretty fun! Two weeks ago if your were following me on Twitter( Stevemckiebeats) You would have  known that I was in Europe for a few weeks helping promote Bilal's New cd "Airtights Revenge"
That tour was fun and I blogged for most of the way until my camera battery went dead,wasn't able to take any more pictures to visually update the blog.  The remaining days were cool and  think we conquered the audience that we needed to!

After all that traveling, you would figure one would get rest as he gets back to the states, but that wasn't the case, as we traveled to Brooklyn a day later to perform a free concert in the park. As we were already in concert mode, the show was smooth and to me, it was a pretty damn nice show in the park to be free.
I decided that since my children missed my last two performances that I would take them to another one that was appropriate and sure enough was this show.
Our travel was very interesting, starting off with "That" chinatown bus.....................… Yes you know the story on that!
Needless to say, we took Amtrak back home ):
That was a cool day, The kids enjoyed themselves out, and I even took them times square to check out the scenery and they were pretty overwhelmed with the whole thing.
Important thing for me was, the kids got a chance to see me perform on stage at a good enough age where they can come back and remember the times, you know!

Now fast forward really quick to now...... just a few days ago we performed in the Chastain Park in Atlanta with Ms Badu.  That venue was amazing, it was like watching a movie out in your car on the big wall! You know, old school style.
People had tables with candles, BYOB style, and food with little grills and everything.
I was very impressed with the venue's simplicity and unique romantic atmosphere, still with a state of the art vibe.
I would go again for sure! And Yes it's a seated area deal of course.  Check it out right here.

As I stated before, the summer is already over almost and I'm thinking to myself, what have I done?
Did I get a break? Did I go somewhere peaceful and give my ears a break from all the hard long hours in the studio?
I guess you guys would say I got a vacation during my short tour, Berlin,Paris,London,Amsterdam,Norway,Koln.
There were more places I failed to mention, but hold on just a second.......... I've been to these places 4 and 5 times already, vacation, Nope.... It was all still work and a hell of a road trip.
I do have a few places I would like to travel too, with a few weeks left, we shall see what happens.

As I type this entry, I'm riding in Amtrak's quiet car on my way back to Philly from NYC.
I'm back in the studio recording with a new artist named Mike Maven lending my musical drumming service.
The music is cool and refreshing and Mike is a talented singer/Producer. After that, it's getting ready for the Release of Airtight's Revenge-Bilal. 
I'm also putting together Chase Allen's New mix tape, and other interesting things. Stay close and follow me for updates
Looks like were back to regular schedule folks, It's been a few days, but I'm recharged  and back on my grind.
Shouts to Sheila who checked me about the regulation of my Blog, Thanks!
As you read this and wind down, I hope you really took the time to enjoy your summer, and the times with your family, summer ending cookouts shall go down!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, it really showed me how many people I actually know on face book!
Goodnight everyone!
What do you guys think of the new single I produced by Bilal "Restart" Click on  Restart to listen!

Sheyenne In Brooklyn Sitting on drums 
Samarr and Little Ramsey
Mike, Tony, Bilal share a laugh At Brooklyn show
Tony and Bilal Shares a Laugh with a fan
While I play, my Son watches!
Samarr and Ramsey Hanging(Bilal's Youngest)
Sheyenne And Samarr share a laugh while riding Metro to Brooklyn
And Then Times square!
Not gonna say any names, but somebody spent $50 bucks on M&M'S candy 
On Metro Again
My View of Chastain Park In Atlanta... Nice Venue... cool Show
Attention drummers... Gaff tape will save your life!
Saw My Homie John In Ac on my Bday

Thats all i got for now folks, back to our regular scheduled audience! Tune back Tommorrow for sure!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I've been a blog lagger.. but here it goes!

Two weeks have quickly gone by since my last blog.....Ok I'm not even gonna try and hit you with an excuse why so all I can do is keep it  straight up!
Since I've been home from the short run, I've been relaxing with my family and friends and just making the best of this short little summer, which will be over in three weeks!
It's funny how three weeks out of your life can make you feel like so much time has gone past.. But this is exactly what happens when you travel the road while living the life of musician & producer!

I should start by apologizing for my last few blogs thats I didn't get to post. I felt like I left you guys hanging. while i was posting my blogs from the tour.There were only two more Cities to visit which was Dour, and Rotterdam.(Beautiful Place to be)
My camera battery went dead,I was able to document Oslo,Norway, then that was it! ( I forgot the charger)
I always travel with that thing when I'm not trying to use, and the one time I needed it most, I left it.
I even went to malls and electronic shops to see if I could get a charger, but no luck. So now I can only share with you guys what took place via youtube clips and photo's from my buddy Tone's camera, funny thing is, his camera died while playing at the Dour festival.

The tour went well, people in Europe really loves great music, and even though they didn't know any of those songs we played from Bilal's new album, the turnout was still a good one.

In 2002, we played the same festival, The Dour Festival with a much different sound, we were supporting the release of 1st Born Second then and we had a few different players, and singers, and crew.
What's important from that show was a birth of a band, back then Robert Glasper was just coming into his own, Myself was developing as a well respected, and unique drummer, Mike severson the guitar player went on to play with many major artist,Tone whitfield was shaping up his sound as a bassist and producer, and we've just created a core that was always fun to play with. There is also a recording of that show too, Dour Festival 2002!

Right after our Dour show, we drove to Rotterdam which was a few hours away and for some reason, it felt like home there. I can't say it was the feeling of knowing your about to go home after the last show, but that place had a good feel, I felt at, finding new kicks and things to take back to my relatives, it was peaceful, and I saw lots of people in color! (Not to be racist)

The show was great, people again enjoyed themselves while we introduced them to  new songs from the album.
Venue was small and intimate and it felt very warm on stage! ( Those lights always make it so Hot! It almost feels like a sauna)
After the show i hung out and got some food, which i regret, only because it went against my diet rules, but its cool, since I've been home, if you're following me on twitter, I made lots of post of my workouts... mainly just jogging and some weights  to put me back on my plan... Staying healthy...

So while I'm working out and hanging with family, I had to remember for a quick second that I have to continue to be on the grind making new music and being In the studio.....Thats the kick... if not.. Then whats the point? You know!
So with all that said, I'm gonna get going and make some new magic... for who? I can't tell yet, but i will be back on my updating and sharing with you guys my world...
Someone mention that  they admired how I juggle my time with being a Producer and Musician and to be able to do things like blog to you guys, Well its simple, its pure passion and we're in a time were you have to multi task yourself in order to be heard or seen....As far as my music goes... it will reach who its supposed to reach.. And everything happens for a reason.
Make your dreams come true folks!
Stay tuned in!
This little small tent has a dope studio setup in there and we recorded after our show while playing the dour festival, its the same tent that from the video your watching below of us playing songs i helped bilal produced called, "Robots" & "Move On" Its looks like nothing from the outside, but on the inside, it sure was classic. please check the footage if you haven't already seen it!
Here's the guy responsible for that great video we all get to see  in the tent
Straight out of Paris, world meet Mr Mikael Colombu.. he edits videos pretty tight.
Performing at the Dour festival...Fun times
The stage @ the dour Festival
All night at the dour festival, they played reggae on that stage... sounded great too!
Yes It's my personal blog and yes this is Bilal and Tony getting ready to hit the stage at the Dour festival, right in the back of our tour truck! Classic!
Somebody please get Hawk Burns an assistant! Right Away!
It was there, and rare, and i didnt get it, but i took a snap shot, you be the judge!
The band...Mike Severson, Bilal, ME, Tone Whitfield, Corey Bernhard
Marie... only 21 and she's in the music game hard, promoting shows, being a hostess, hard worker, she loves good music too! Later folks