Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy day Today and traveling.

Dear readers, welcome back, thanks for taking the time out to read my journey.
Its good to be back in a space where I'm creating and sharing. Times are busy again, and work is good.

Back on the train with Conley "Tone" Whitfield-Bass player of Bilal's band, to rehearsal, this goes back to the year 2000, when we took New Jersey transit everyday for gigs in Nyc and rehearsals. Now days Amtrak is the way to go as you can tell from my previous entries. Sometimes I can deal with mega or bolt bus when convenient, They have wifi!
I hung out last night with some of my best and close friends I haven't seen in a while, one in particular, Lil' Darrell Robinson  an amazing drummer and producer! We've been cool for a good while now, and it makes me really happy to see him doing his thing, as he holds the musical director title for the Nerds band,and a host of other bands he played for throughout his career.

Last night he played at this place in Philly called "Time" A rare occasion it was to see him playing there. So I decided to come and check him out. That scene was pretty cool, musicians playing trying to get a gig. Lots of them were good, young, but good, but then something happened.

They started playing a Michael Jackson song, while I sit there in company with another seasoned brilliant musician/Producer in Anthony Tidd, we were listening and they were jacking this song up.
I said to ant, there has to be a requirement for young guys coming up, before you reach a certain point, Its mandatory that you learn top 40 songs and standards before you come out to a place and wanna jam. Playing a song like,Dont stop till you get enough? And you dont know it, and you are feeling your way through! I was like what....… Are they serious, we shared a laughed and made a joke about it! But if you're reading, and your that young cat, Learn classic material, I'm sure somewhere down the line it will be helpful to you.
It worked for me years ago, but my practice scheme was a bit different, I played to albums that were classic and studied it for days and just kept playing to it until I could play out, or create my own identity from shedding it.

Rehearsal time again, and I must add, I have to take the once famous Allen Iverson's practice outbreak!
I'm not a practice player at all! He said, "Man we talking about practice man, Not a game Practice"
That is exactly how I feel about it. Too long, going over the same things, of course it will be helpful for you and make you ready for the game/gig, but I feel like I always do better in shows verses rehearsals.
I wonder does the same apply to most musicians?
I guess practice makes better, it definitely helped out in the band today. We were playing new music from the album the wrong way because no one never had a copy to properly learn the songs, and yesterday and today made a huge difference!
I'm a firm believer of playing a show and playing the music as it is on the album!
Ever been to a concert and your band is playing the song you like, but you can't tell because they're playing it in some certain kind of way?
I cannot stand that, so I had to figure out a way to prevent that from happening to us, so we can put out a good show for you guys.
Tonight I'm back in the studio, hopefully we can get some footage and post it for next time around.
Hope you guys have a great evening, and if your around or live in any of these cities I've posted below, then come out to the show and grab the cd and have a good time with us!


14th Philly Album Release Concert @ Johnny Brenda's
15th Boston- Schullers Jazz Club
18th New York- B.B. Kings
19th Alexandria,Va- Birchmere
21st Toronto- Revival
25th Montreal- La Sala Rossa
No I dont like kobe!

Marsh! She's Promoting her new album and single "Hope she cheat on you with a Basketball Player"
Me and the Blackberry
Jill Scott & Freeway At a jam session i played at
On stage in Nyc jam session

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  1. Lauryn Hill did exactly that- she changed the Arrangement to her songs she played @ the Rock the Bells concert in NYC to the point that people didn't recognize what the songs were. It was sad because you could see some people walking away while she was still playing. She eventually did perform some songs in the style people were used to but by that time not that many people were into her performance. I know she was trying to be creative and switch it up, but she dissappointed a lot of fans who where exicited to see her. Myself included. So, keep practicing!