Monday, September 6, 2010

Just thoughts, that i shared with you all

Here we are, back again, getting ready for our respective jobs, sending our children back to school!
Again? Time does not wait. The clock is turning and ticking fast! If you blinked, then sorry to inform you that your summer is over.
Back on the grind. Being a proud parent, I'm looking forward to the Parent/Teacher conferences,surprise visits to the school when the kids are out of control, You have to love it!

I've noticed that the month of August, I've only had a few blog entries to post, and right as someone commented on my recent blog, saying, wow a musician that shares their personal life while being so being, having time to blog is amazing! "Jinx" big time:)

Guess I've gotten too busy for myself, but i credit that to many changes in my life. Most of them are remarkably good!
New Friends,that one special person, time with the kids, work, well touring the world again and again, and just relaxing with my family.
It was much needed, kinda like I hit the restart button a few times over the course of a few months.
I've enjoyed a nice birthday with friends and family, spend a few weeks with my kids, they even developed new friends out the deal.
My son and daughter enjoyed a teen concert in the Jonas Brothers/Demi Devato. Let me see what else, they've enjoyed bike riding with friends, watched Disney channel in HD all day long, went to nice restaurants to eat, all that type of fun stuff kids do when their off in the summer.
As school time approaches, it's a different feel, shopping for supplies and clothes, Its all a major headache for me! On the bright side, if all goes well, one of my kids will be attending an elite private school! Fingers crossed everyone. It's so important to get these kids on the right track in school, it's their future, we know it, but to them, its just going to school everyday and learn something. They aren't thinking down the line, like our parents did for us when we were young. Right? If you have kids, remember to provide them with the best you can offer, make it one of the top things on your to do list, it's your kid, thats your creation, make them the best they can be.
Me on the other hand, is back in the studio, rehearsing, touring, and dealing with all the obstacles that come with being an Producer and Musician.
Dealing with these projects that come along and sometimes it don't pay you well for your time, and dealing with all these people saying, "I Want This" I Want That" FOR FREE.
That baffles me, here you are, working a Nine to Five and you have money, and here I am,  working doing music for a living, I run a studio, and you tell me that you want to do this and that, then when money comes to talk, you can't afford it.
Am I making sense here folks? sure I am.
Sorry for that outburst, but if your reading and your one of those folks, then perhaps you should try a producer who has free time to burn and gets a kick out of doing projects for people for free with absolutely no substance. I don't wanna knock the hustle of your grind, but to be quite frank, its usually not worth my time!

Did I mention Amtrak is my friend? Of course I did, I'm typing my entry and enjoying this smooth and quick ride to New York to rehearse for these upcoming Bilal shows, and more importantly, The release of his Album That I Helped Record and Produce "Air-tights Revenge" an album a bunch of folks patiently waited for!
If you are in philly on the 14th of this month, please get down to Johnny Brenda's on Front& Girad Ave. in Philly, I love that venue, its intimate, and the sound is pretty amazing in there!
Bilal,Myself, and Tony producer of Little ones of the new album, hometown is philly, so there will already be lots of love in the room, so come and witness this special event.

Well my stop is up next, cool thing, the conducter  on the train didn't take my tickets, it appears I got a free ride today! Nice! I'll save that for next time, Thanks for reading, I'm back of course, lets get back in the swing of things, You guys can also feel free to share a few comments with me on how your summer went as well, I'll be glad to read them.

Pick up the album next week on itunes, and stores, lets make this an classic album everyone!
i appreciate all the love you guys have been giving me!
Also, i have New "Mckiebeats" T-shirts coming soon, i'll post pictures on my next blog, if you wanna buy one, hit me up, drop a comment, and I will get back to you of course, until, see you next time!
Samarr and his Bike he just got.
Leshe',Samarr, & Sheyenne
A day of fun and bike riding!
Kids went in and had a fun day with oil crayons
gave their contributions to the studio's Booth!
Rocking in Paris With Bilal, Mike Severson on Guitar
I thought this was a dope picture, taken by Rob of Creative Eye Design



  1. Aight now! You GO, my brotha! Gonna hafta miss your Johnny Brenda's gig, cuz I just relocated to Miami to pursue music. I feel ya on that money issue. Hez posted something some months back to the effect, "It ain't always about fight the power. Sometimes, it's about fight the power company..." lol Grown azz adults pursuing music deserve a decent wage. Perhaps in the foreseeable future, I'll hit ya up and say come on down to Miami, cuz I got this venue that wants to forward the sound of tha Chilladelph. Of course, money in your/our pocketses is Job One. No pay - no play. If they ain't down wit THAT, they can have karaoke night instead. Naa I'm sayin'? Peeeaaash...