Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the Run.....throwback production credits.. New moves

Over the past few days I think I've gotten an average of 8 hours of sleep total. I'm sure you guys know I've been busy with the Release of the album ( Airtight's Revenge ) Bilal. We had the release party at Johnny Brenda's and then traveled on to Boston to Play Scullers Jazz club! 
I feel so drained at this moment but I wanted to express a sincere and deep thank you to everyone who have supported  me thus far. Its been a crazy journey doing music and putting it out there for all of your listening pleasures.

Its hit or miss most of the time, but I like to think I make timeless music that will build a legacy for some time to come.
Philadelphia, what more can I say about it! Home of so many great musicians, its ridiculous! For awhile I found myself trying to figure out where is my place here, but its pretty safe to say I've earned my stripes.
We have John Roberts,Brian Frasier Moore,Erik Tribbet,Darrell Robinson, Spanky McCurdy,Booty Green,Ahmir Thompson, all who are down right amazing drummers! Throw me in that core and you have some awesome players! All the time, people ask me, what is it about Philly, I have no clue, everybody is playing on some big time stages right now and I'm sure you've heard of them.
For instance, I had a show playing with Bilal in philly at Johnny Brenda's and then Spanky is playing the same night At the wachovia center with Lady Gaga! Need I say more, I won't, I won't brag like that. Everyone knows what Philly is doing!

It was a great day looking at all the twitter/face-book responses we got from the album, and the show was icing on the cake!
Hard work that pays off in the end. Lots of people came out the show and it was a great feeling. Seem like something was missing from helping me celebrate that moment, I couldn't really pin point what it was, I know it was something though. Maybe it will come back to me soon.
I was planning on doing a blog on how The album was created, but over the past few days, There was not enough time for anything it seems. So I've decided to work on it and gather some photo's and clips from the sessions and put it all together. I wanna explain my side of the process, sort of like an unplugged version. Very insightful I think it will be! Stay tuned for that one.

Driving in to Boston today was a killer! I was so exhausted, I feel like a need a day or two to get my battery level back to green, right now I'm deep in the red.
Two days of rest shall do me well, Back home to check on my Kids, Sheyenne and Samarr, do a few teacher/parent conferences, you know, all that good stuff!
Then I head back out to New York to do this Album release party at BB Kings.
Bilal's second home. I gotta take a moment to thank him for letting me be apart of such an Epic production! He believed in me when I was developing my sound long while he was already in his prime, but somehow, someway, he heard my sound that would eventually go on to be a tandem for 10 years now!
He's become a brother of mines, and it's amazing how we came together and shared a vision of sound for this new record.
Those sessions took so much time, we tweaked records, erased records,and made great records, some of which did not make the album. I Feel like some could have made it, but maybe I can save them for a Steve Mckie Beats Producer Album!!!!!

Back to Philly, We have to drive from Boston to Philly, its gonna be a wild one!
So let me go and get some sleep, thanks again to everyone for all the support, check out my Interview I've recently done talking about the album and my career so far!

There it is people! Airtight's Revenge Wow sometimes it shocks me, no album released in 9 years
So far, it's been some very good reviews and I've added a few links just below, read them carefully folks
Along with Bilal, I Produced All Matter,Move on,Robots,Restart,The Dollar,Who are you,and Cake and eat it too
If you didnt know I produced Back In Love, Dope Record
I've produced on this grammy nominated Album For Songs "Hate on me" which was also nominated for best r&b song and "My Love" Great Album to be apart of
Some great friends of mines Aja and Fatin are, they have a beautiful family, they took me in and gave me a chance to Produce on Their In This life together Record In which I Produced Sneak A Freak.
Then On this album The Arrival I produced "The Struggle" "Hey" And classic song "Can't Help it"
Thank you guys! Love you much
Me and Tony Produced Sneak a Freak, which was landed in Sanaa Lathans Film "Something New"

I produced "Selfish" Off this record with My Boy Adam Blackstone! banger
Also I Produced "Sweething" We recorded a few records around that time, those were the two that made it. Grateful I am
Here's Some great footage, I encourage you guys to pick a copy up from amazon, The dresen soul symphony with a some great artist I've worked with Including Joy Denalane singer from germany, I produced her new abum, Dwele, Tweet, and my Buddy Bilal, we played with an orchestra performing all the classics, from Mrs jones, betcha bow golly wow, Man's world, Sir duke, this show has it all, and you got me on drums! Here's the link.

Later folks!

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