Friday, September 10, 2010

Today is the day when most of us would say thank god its friday, but I'm not really feeling that way.
I'm blessed to have the career I have and almost everyday feels like friday!
I get to wake up and decide at any point of the day what I'm going to do. Unless there's some particular plans already scheduled. If I'm on the road then its pretty simple, wake up in enough time to make soundcheck and lobby call, and make sure you don't over sleep when its time to go to the airport.
Simple right, yes, I know.
There's been a few things I've been wanting to adjust in my life and as always, if you have children, you have to make them the center of your life, regardless of what you're doing. For me always being on the road has made that task a bit difficult, and frustrating because you wanna do both just as much, working towards your dream, and being  great parent to your child.
So what do I do? Balance the best way possible and all the little things that seems like it's so small to you turns out to be the biggest things for the kids. For my ten year old daughter, She started private school  yesterday and  I got up and walked her to school, a few blocks from my place in University City, and watched her to her class. She's beginning fifth grade at an elite school called "Jubilee"

She seemed to be pretty relaxed and happy about her new school, I noticed a whole different swing in herself coming from pubic school. It was all about work and I've even gotten some great reports.
I was a little worried that since being in public school, it's not a fair deal to learn anything while the classroom is almost thirty kids to one teacher and maybe a helper. Her class, at least fourteen kids to one teacher! Amazing! Its important that the kids get one on one attention from their teachers, just in case they miss something, or need help, its right there.
I worried that the kids in her new school would be way to advanced, but throw a kid in the mix, and they catch up so fast that it was all worth it! Her education for the next two years shall set her up nice for the next few grades that she will be facing.
I figured I would be tired since I left the studio around 4-am that night before and then had to wake up at 7 am to get going. That feels like a job already! Come back at noon to check on her and bring her lunch, (Went grocery shopping last night, packed lunches it is) Seems she's doing just fine!
Meanwhile I'm hanging with my son because Public schools are closed due to jewish holidays? 
Two days in row, thats a little obscured man, I can see one day, but two? Thats a little ridiculous!
I'm thinking to myself, hey man, this is my time, they should be in school, meanwhile he was enjoying every bit of riding his bike and watching Disney channel. I got his number today though, its gonna be book reading time soon as I'm done this post!
After all those festivities were done, I was able to do my regular routine and jog! I hit a surprising seven miles! And I didn't even feel too messed up! Funny how your mind tells your body to stop and your body can keep going, but the mind just says, your fine if you don't run an extra couple of miles, your fine, you've already ran five! Your body is saying, hey, we got a few miles left!
Funny stuff right! Stay dedicated and commit. It will happen, that is, if you have a goal in mind.

I wanna thank everybody who's been supporting me thus far, it's really a good feeling to know you all follow me and like what I'm doing, I'm forever grateful to you all!
Since the new album from Bilal has surfaced and you guys found out that I produced it, I've heard some good and encouraging comments. So that explains my gratitude!

Enjoy everything about this fall season and have a good evening!

Later folks

Early as ever walking to school  Sheyenne & LeShe'
They call themselves "sisters" They're in the same class!
Skinny jeans, chucks, graphic Tee's and Bookbags, oh and hair done! 
Ten year olds Off to school!
Never saw Shey so happy for school
My Brother's Son Naiem he turned ten this year, we had lunch at silk city and he loved the fries!
My Brother Omar and Naiem on His birthday at silk city
This Kid will have you cracking up! He's just too funny!
Later folks come out to Johnny Brenda's on Tueday for Bilal album release show!


  1. The smallest things truly are the most rewarding for children. My Noa, who's 3, just started pre k. I hate that she has to adjust at such a young age to the hustle and bustle, but that's life. Last night as I read her favorite book, I asked her what the best thing about her day was. She said that me reading to her was. Quality one on one time means the world to them, so simple. Great post.

  2. It's great that you post pics along with your entries. Good stuff n now I am chuckin up them dueces even tho you say I'm too imagine that!!

  3. i know i cant post the same comment on every post but... i love your blog LOL

  4. haha, rob yes they are bro!
    oux, its cool, thank you for checking it out!