Wednesday, October 6, 2010


All the leaves are brown, and the sky has been grey. That's been the weather here in Philly and all I keep thinking about is how I feel when I'm in London. Grey and raining and little sprinkles of sunshine. Depressing it can be.

It's already Oct. 6 and I haven't even written a blog this month. Needless to say that times are busy and things have to get done. Kids have to get their education, the proper way, Support systems have to be intact! Immense sacrifice has to be made, and Priorities have to be set in order for things to happen in a positive way.
Why do I say these things? Well, because in life, you have to set goals, make a plan for it. You can't just take advantage of being on this earth with no great purpose.

Even while you're shooting for the stars, trying to make the big dream of yours come true, you can't allow for things to slip in the cracks. When you look up, you'll be amazingly surprised  by how many things that have gotten past you.
Just think about it. We're all human and things happen in life but we don't need to allow these happenings to dictate the rest of our futures. I like to think that when you go through things in life, wether its good or bad that you learn from mistakes, you learn from positives to get better, and if you're having any trouble trying to figure it out, just look around....…There's far too many examples where you can learn from.

I hate to sound like I'm Mr. Know it all, but I can only speak from experiences that I've already encountered, and NO, I don't feel like I'm the know it all kind of person, I learn new things in life everyday. Being open and having a sponge for brain to absorb information will take you that much further in whatever it is that you're trying to do.
I've learned that through my journey. Now its time that I mold it on with my two children, so that they will understand what life is all about. 
In the past, I've written a few blogs that people told me inspired them. Today I hope that this can inspire who ever it is, if  you're feeling a certain kind of way about life in general. It's all hard work, and as a result of hard work, you reap the benefits of it. Yes, you do! You don't work hard for no purpose at all. You go to work and you finish it out, you get a pay check. You work with your best ability and you strive, then there's your incentives and you get rewarded for that.
You raise a child a certain way, the right way, when they begin to mature and get older, they have a better grip for life and how things should properly go.
You see the result! But if you stand back and feel sorry for yourself, or you complain about how much work it is, or how tuff the situation is, then your doomed for failure.
It takes nothing to just sit there and give up and fall victim. In the same breathe, it takes a winner to sit there, and see that all kinds of things are coming at you, and you stand tall and deal with them in any way you can. Believe me, it makes you a better person, that much stronger then you were before. It becomes easy. Want an analogy... sure.
Take myself, Traveling Musician/Producer right. I'm up all sorts of hours of the night, My job is to play concerts performing in front of hundreds and thousands of people. Those hours are to some, are unbelievable and I keep it up, but then I suffer from something. I don't eat right, or on normal eating hours. I sit for most of the time, wether is behind the studio desk, or on stage on the drums. Then whatever time that may be, when I'm finished, I'm hungry. To make a long story short, I've gotten a little bigger, weight wise, then I would normally be, and you get lazy.
All those shows, all those studio hours and you say, man, I'm hungry, and it's 1:30 AM. You eat, then sleep. Thats the pattern and you gain weight.
So a testament to that is, I started jogging and working out in the gym. With the assistance of some amazing friends, I was able to get myself a back in a respectable condition before it got too late and looking up wondering, man I weigh so much.
I said to myself, I can't let this be, I need to figure it out, and I dedicated myself to staying fit, while I'm getting closer to my goals, I remember the time when I just sat there contempt with just eating whatever and not caring.
Now days I actually like to work out,I like to run and stay fit. My point is, that It's something that I worked myself into and as a result, I like to do it on a regular now.
You can take that aspect with you, with anything you wanna accomplish.
Now, I know I'm right on that one.
Same thing with my career, I wanted it so bad that I beat on literally Pots and pans in my parents basement, until they brought me a drum-set where I crafted myself into the musician that I am now. It's basically all in your head folks! You can either set yourself up to make it and achieve everything you envisioned, or you can allow your setbacks to keep you in contempt mode for life and you often never progress!

If you're a single mom and you have kids and an overwhelming life and you feel like its too much, then just try to believe and set up a system for yourself.
Its all possible, and I've seen or experienced almost way too  many of them, so there's no excuses for anything. You can either set yourself up to make it, or break it. 
Well, I don't wanna write too much for you guys to read, but I hope that this entry to inspires you to pass this on to a person who needs it.
Keep pushing on in life, as we only live once,Remember your blessed to be able to wake up and enjoy another day, see your kids grow, and even grow with your kids.
Have a will to be  strong when it seems like all is failing. Make a plan, stick with it, and put in the hard work. Thats what I'm doing now and I Soon expect for positive results!
It can happen.
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Thats all for now folks, catch you again soon enough!

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