Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oakland, California Pt I

Good evening everyone. I hope your day was productive and you've got a lot accomplished.
I wish I could say the same about my past few days. I've been here in Oakland,California.
Just chilling around, with pretty much nothing to do but hang. Talk about days off huh.
I would rather be working and relaxing in a nice area. 
This airport area is  pretty crunk, industrial in the day, and very hood at night.
What can I say about Oakland? It's a beautiful town, and thanks to Chris Turner, our background singer, he was born and raised here, so he was able to grab his parents car and show us around a little. It was cool roaming the streets of Oakland, I got to see some cool things while of course taking some shots with my camera and to top it off, Chris's dad cooked us a meal. This guy was so passionate about his cooking that he even showed us his kitchen with the decked out stove. He told us to leave for a few hours and he would have some food cooked up. By the time we got back, that food was so amazing, everybody forgot how long we were staying at this suck hotel and just sitting there doing nothing. That food was off the chain, ok, right, you wanna know what he cooked right. He cooked fried chicken in a way I never had it before, it was well cooked, spices that would amaze you in a way maybe you never had it before. Greens, I ate them all, and this fried corn was something to die for! Fried corn folks, it went down. Not to worry, I ran six miles to make up for it!

Everyone was all smiles after that meal, by far the highlight of our trip. Special thanks to Chris and his Father and Mother The Turner's, beautiful family! 
Mike Severson the guitar player in our group, celebrated a birthday with that meal, and some drinks and more drinks back at the hotel. I took this free time to brush up on my ps3 skills playing nba2k11. I'm getting pretty good. Hopefully when I get back home, my ps3 is there waiting with my game to dust somebody down!
The first night we got into town, it was a sight to see, sad moment, from just watching the scenery as we drove to our hotel. It was one of those moments where you get in town and you look around like, ok, what exactly am I gonna do to keep myself from going insane.

All I have to do is tell you that we had dinner at "Denny's" and that will sum up the evening folks. Nothing  to see here folks. Road stop! The very next day before Chris picked us out, we did locate a supermarket, and a walmart, and an In and Out burger spot. Killing.

The Awful Oakland Raiders play here, and right across the road, the San Francisco 49ers play. 
The rest of my trip is pretty much in California, and most of these cities are somewhat similar, and then again, they all  have their own swing. Pictures wise, it's not gonna be too different.
I'll continue to take them though, and hopefully you will like what you see.
Also since we are here in Oakland for a week, This is gonna be my Part one series blog. We've still got so much more to see and talk about. So for now, I'm gonna get going.
Later folks.
Oakland"s Freeway entrance
Homes In Oakland
Corey Bernhard and Mike Severson Keyboard player and Guitar of Bilal's Band, Mike celebrated his Birthday to that amazing meal cooked By Mr Turner.
More homes on the streets of Oakland
For some reason, this little pre school caught my eye.
Look what we find here, the ever so famous Pixar studio.
All those toy story movies were made here!
Right here in Oakland.
palm trees right next  to someone house! nice
While walking the streets in Berkley, The University of Cal, We spotted this right on the ground, me and Corey Bernhard, I then showed Bilal, and he ask, why didnt you pick it up, lol
thats too funny
On Telegraph Street, in Berkley, This T shirt store was off the chain, had a collection out your mind!
Oakland Library, just felt motivated to capture it.
This place kinda reminded me of South street in philly, Telegraph Street in Berkley, is  seconds away from Cal University. Kinda cool

Thats all i have folks, check back for part two Tommorow.

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