Saturday, October 16, 2010


A day off in Portland,Oregon wasn't so bad today. Its started with a good breakfast and walking around touring the city. It had a few very cool moments that I was able to capture on camera as well. I planned on running today but I managed to walk around the city and play bootleg camera man, and hunt for some thai food, found a good place too! Me and Tony were walking around in circles as we decided to use Yelp on our phones to help locate the place.
We walked and walked until our legs were done, and we finally found the spot, only to see that it was a truck stop full of vendors that included a thai truck. Interesting, so we yelped again and found a sit down place. Funny thing is, we asked this couple if they knew where the street of the thai place called typhoon was located and their response was, man, thats pretty far, while it only ended up being three minutes away. We found ourselves in the Pearl district area. I liked it there alot. It was very camera friendly.
I found myself enjoying the sights, as I took plenty of pictures, and yes, I brought my charger along. I've got to show you guys what you haven't seen yet. Portland is actually kinda cool, could i live here no.
Everywhere I looked, the city seemed pretty wealthy though, I'm sure there are hoods around here, But if you see the homeless people on the ground bundled up in sleeping bags, good ones at that, with bags with clothes, what are you gonna think.
I remember blogging before and if I remember correctly, I did a post on Portland. I often repeated my self saying how much it reminds me of being in Europe, Germany in particular.
The trains are the same, Portland Have cool little details about the city, not like your average city, not one mall in sight. Just stores all over the place. Everything has its own character, even the star bucks locations were an intimate setting.
The show was pretty cool, considering we haven't played in weeks. Good turn out! Thank you Portland for your support.
We were supposed to get up early this morning and travel to  Seattle , but heads up to our road manager for making the call and electing to stay one extra night in Portland, while it allowed me to get out and explore the city a little. We often never get the chance to walk around and check things out. The third time is always the charm! Plus I get to enjoy this amazing bed with sheets of 1000 thread count! Thats right, I'm a man and I have a thing for sheets with high thread count. They feel amazing and comfortable on the skin. It makes sleeping that much better. Laugh if you may. Their great.
It felt like I was here for more then two days, while I even got the chance to play some basketball with the band. ( And they say musicians can't ball) What! Please.
As I walked through the streets I came across the drummers on the buckets, it reminded me of those times in my parents basement where I did almost the same thing!
Only difference was, I use one of the pipes for my hi hat grooves. Everything else was the same, buckets with different sounds, and a few pots, that my mom would let me bang on of course. One guy really had a groove going, and it had me to believe this cat was a real drummer and just was sitting there for the fun of it, having fun enjoying the music within himself. With the many shows I've played so far, I challenge myself to face the biggest performance I've ever done. Play outside in front of thousands of stranger who didn't come to see me play, just walked past a guy beating on buckets and pans, while on their lunch break. Tuff one, maybe one day soon I'll get the courage to do it.
Well, I'm off  for now, update you tomorrow in Seattle, Washington. Maybe i'll get to take a few pictures there, and show you guys what you haven't seen.
Later folks- MCKIEBEATS
At home, when we spot a yellow car, we yell out popcorn because its yellow, its a fun kids game, Im in the lead and i wanted to say Popcorn to the kids! Shey, She',Marr Popcorn!!!!
The Venue we played at Called Someday
The Streets of Portland
I got hit right in my Groin area, Ouch! from a misguided past from Chris Turner
Popcorn Again She' too funny!
And then I got up and hit some jumpers in their face!
Chris Turner...Our new background Singer
Our Tour manger Mark And Myself
Condo's In Portland, Nice!
Look at the art, have to appreciate it folks! Cool right
I thought this shot had something!
My camera is pretty cool, i did this right on the spot with the effects
Warehouse in the pearl district
This Cat was killing, i enjoyed him a lilttle better then this guy down here, just look down they both were cool though, 
So yeah, he still played cool!
Tell me this train don't remind you of europe!
The Thai spot Typhoon!
Interesting shot, they walk around in the day, and at night, just roll out on the street with their sleeping bags.
Downtown Portland 
Thats the actuak color of the cab, no tricks
Randomly a marching band came and posted up!
Sassy's Cab, the actual color
Look there's Starbucks located at the top of the hill where the pit was, where the maching band was
Look, there's Starbucks with the band!
Ok, i know, i know, these are alot of photo's but i kept spoting these cool shots
look at those cars, after i did my little photo shop to it
See, its real!
Another cool Lobby atmosphere!
Thats all folks enjoy!

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