Monday, October 18, 2010

Seattle Washington...Did You Know?

The Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Washington, Birthplace of the late great Jimi Hendrix and home of the famous rock groups Nirvana and Pearl jam.
I enjoyed my third time here, while I normally just breeze in and out of town, this time around I was able to see some sights, run a few miles through some amazing sights and even caught up with some great friends in concert. Ten years later and my good friend Robert glasper is a marquee name in the Jazz music scene. He played at a famous jazz club in Seattle called The Triple Doors. It was a very sheek type of venue for jazz music. It almost felt like I was at an Opera concert. Watching Rob's performance made me feel really proud, He's been through so much in his life and quest to greatness, and now, he's doing his thing, while being highly respected. It was a pleasure to see him perform, accompanied by more good friends, Mark Colenburg on drums and Derrick Hodge on Bass.

Our Seattle show was pretty cool, we played at a venue called Nectar lounge. The opening act was interesting, all I'm gonna say is that once I walked in to the venue, they were onstage and it felt like, wow is someone performing on stage right now?
While your in a city for more then a day, you get to find out about it. You explore it a little only because you don't wanna sit in your hotel room bored out your mind, and you have to eat, forget horrible room service. So with that said, in every city, there's always gonna be a great Thai restaurant. We've found yet another one, with great service so much that our second time in, the waiter remembered us. The food was good, we ate at a place called Citrus Thai. It was better then the place me and tony found in Portland.
This time around I got the classic pad thai dish on level 3 hots.  Pretty darn good.
I also found out while I was here through talking to a few people in the lobby, that Seattle has a reputation for heavy Coffee consumption. You don't have to look far to get a cup. A bunch of coffee companies are founded and based here in this town, right along with your most favored coffee spot "Star bucks" I know someone who's reading this will find that insightful.

Another cool thing about Seattle was the gigantic hills! To start my run, The guitar player Mike Severson and I had to run right up one of them to get going on our run. It sucked a lot of out me, but that was only the start. These hills are all over the place, I tried to take a few pictures of it, but being as though I'm not a pro with the camera, I couldn't get the exact view as I saw it from my own eyes. 
Excuse me if I type like I speak, I'm working on this now, so it can be a smooth reading experience, I  went over a few of my blogs and said to myself, wow, maybe I need to Proofread some more before I post. I shall work on it though.
Being a musician has some very cool perks, one in which is seeing the beautiful land marks of the cities and countries.
One in particular I was fascinated with was The  Space Needle. During my run, and due to the city's altitude, I was able to get some amazing looking shots with my good old cannon G10 camera.
The Space needle is featured in many movies and television shows, one of my favorites in Particular "Greys Anatomy" If you read my blogs are followed me on Face book, then you know I've talked about it quite a few times. Even The Twilight Saga posted up here In Seattle for a few shots in their movie. Did you know?
I was quite impressed with Seattle as I was with Portland. Sometimes my job feels like a paid vacation, and then sometimes is feels like hard work. But Seattle has lots of activities here, and  if you're an outdoor kind of person and like to workout with nature, this is your place to be, I've witnessed it and even The men's fitness magazine tagged this place as one of the fittest cities in the entire united states. Did you know? I'm sure you didn't, and i'm glad to have provided you so.
Enjoy your afternoon folks, I'm Headed to Oakland,California and San Francisco!
Here's Downtown Seattle. My hotel is right in this shot as well
A view from the bridge I was standing on.
And another
Rob Playing at The Triple Door In Seattle
The stage in The Triple Doors
A bridge I ran past that had a cool bike park right under it!
Another view of the trail park
Running through the city, I came across this bridge, and yes, i took my camera along with me.
One of those steep hills, i made it!
Seattle Houses
More Houses!
nice side view of the city
i ran across this bridge so high up, you can see it yourself
More of the city
The space Needle again
The first steep hill that I had to climb starting my run!

Thats all I have for Seattle,Washington folks
Hope you enjoyed



  1. Good stuff! You took some great scenic shots..can't wait till you go to these other cities rake lotsa pics!! :-)