Friday, October 29, 2010

Still California dreaming!

A nice and warm thursday night in Los Angeles and there could be nothing better to see then a soulful concert from the view of my hotel room located on the sixth floor. A Jazz concert, featuring many great musicians from the area. One in particular, Michelle' performing "Something In my Heart".
Yes that's right, as I sat there getting ready for a concert of my owns with Bilal, they were jamming outside my window, and it sounded as though i had front row seats. There was jazz music playing and it sounded great, and then there's this soft squeaking voice talking Introducing herself, and they started to sing, backgrounds going.. Something in my heart, something in my heart, and what really made this funny was, before I put it together that it was Michelle', I figured it was some lady singing it with the track, like just some regular gig and she picked a random song. My buddy tony insisted that it was her, but I was sure there was no way that it would actually be her singing. Wow, she hit every note verbatim! As the song went on, I'm thinking to myself, wow she's really hitting all the original notes to this song, and tony is in the back ground  saying man, thats her. I'm still skeptical, after all, this is a random jazz gig in my hotel. We are in La though, so anything can happen right. Behold once she finished her extra long version of something in my heart Produced by Dr.Dre. I said, ok, if that's really her,then we'll definitely know because they are gonna give her a grand introduction. Behold, they said, MICHELLE'''' everyone. I was on the floor, cracking up. That was too good to be true. Sometimes you see things that you often think you wouldn't get the chance too, I guess I can say I've been blessed because you figure that's a one in a million chance to see things like that, and for me, it's been several occasions that have had me and my friends on the floor.
Really quick, one cosy warm night in miami, and we're getting back in from hanging and partying, and there is a piano in the lobby, open to the public, well, at least to us, and if your having rob glasper sit there and play jodeci songs with bilal singing along oooh yeah, the signature jodeci ad libs, then it's not problem. Finally after all the joking around, they begin to play Lately I've had a strange feeling. A classic stevie wonder song. Quickly after that, who other then Jodeci come strolling in the lobby, loudly screaming, oooh yeah, oooh yeah, and starts to join in.
Man, that was too funny, to see them come in, first off, drunk, and high as ever. There's really no words for my face that i had. I was more shocked from the fact that we all were sitting there making jokes and laughing, then these guys come strolling in the hotel. Classic moment that was, they sat there and played songs all night, while i left, still amazed, but they wouldn't leave. He kept telling rob, one more song. I was gone, it was already Five in the morning at that point.
California, a beautiful place, I've spent a few weeks so far and I have to say that I've enjoyed my time here, and the sights. I've gotten to see some nice views of all of Oakland, San Francisco( even though they stole a world series dreams away) San Jose, The Orange County, and La.
They all have totally different vibes from one another and I got to soak up all of it. Even the rain in San Francisco!
One of my many times of being in La, the weather was on point, sunny, sunny, and sunny in the forecast. After all the rain and grey skies, La brought the sun and we enjoyed every minute of it.
I even got to check the dope scenery of baldwin hills. You can almost see everything standing up there.
Our shows were good, I think we reached to audiences that does not regularly get a chance to see a show like ours with Bilal leading the way. Playing in Orange county says enough, and they where pretty crunked. I couldn't believe it.
Makes you wonder, I guess the album is being pushed and promoted here in California right?
This time around, Cali was good, most of you will enjoy yourselves here, I'd advise you to rent a car, and get ready for the wonder traffic, its everywhere, but the city is beautiful. I see why lots of folks relocate here. Its the place to be. I've gotten some nice photo's for my next blog on a record shop popular in California, Amoeba Music Mega record shop. Only three locations, La, San Fran, and Berkley California.
I hope you guys had a nice and quick laugh, I did listening to Michelle' from my room, she was really killing it, now that I think about it.
Anyway, enjoy my mixture of pictures from San Francisco, Oakland and La, its all for you guys!  Now if you'll excuse me, the crew and I are gonna raid famous roscoe's and watch the magic spank the heat!

While taking a break washing clothes, I took the time to get the whole manicure/pedicure thing
The most refreshing part was the foot massage.
Attention Fellas, it's totally cool to get this done.
Why is that girl next to me so up tight looking, La man, is funny!
Backstage area that caught my eye
Beautiful La
More La
Driving to La
While in San Francisco, Graffiti is the hot stuff! All over
Still in San Fran, Told you the Graffiti game is hot!
The view of my second hotel in Oakland California, Which was right up the street from the Venue Yoshi's
The Architecture and Atmospere of San Francisco had my attention alot!
Coffee all over the place in San Fran
One of the many bridges that I've crossed, this one was the Bay bridge!
More scenery from San Fran
While riding from Sacramento to La, this was all the scenery I saw!
Tony is in all of my pictures it seems like, nice day outside, that laundry place was off the chain, very clean, and the dryers were quick!
What can I say, La is nice
There you go, A photo of me while sound checking at Yoshi's In Oakland

later folks!!!!!!


  1. This is a great blog, I think it is wonderful that you ended up having a wonderful time here in the Bay! Come back soon.
    Peace Paris

  2. I've been folowing your blog since a minute now, keep writing dude. I really liked how Jodeci (one of my favourite band) just pop out of nowhere and start singing all night with Glasper ... I could see them perform a song or 2 with Bilala haha