Thursday, October 14, 2010

Traveling Through Airports, From Phila to Denver to Portland Pt I

Every time I go to write a blog, it feels like the time is moving faster and faster! In a few weeks it's gonna be Halloween, In another few weeks it's gonna be Thanksgiving Day, 
for most of my readers,  and while I know there's a  few  Europeans readers as well, I'm sure you guys don't take on as many holidays that we have here in the states! (Correct?)
I'm not Big on Halloween too much, As a kid we celebrated it for a few years until my parents joined a church and converted into christians! We haven't done that ever since, and I remember being around 13 or 14 years old when that happened.

That does not mean I won't let my children go out and TRICK OR TREAT! It's mainly them going from door to door on a cold night, filling up their candy bags. Its very amazing how these holiday are turned into something completely different from what the holiday is. For example, Easter sunday, that day is celebrated for when Jesus Christ was born, and what do we do, we get dressed, in our best, brand new, the latest clothing.  It's really a scene to see! It doesn't stop there though. Particularly in church, all over, people are dressed in formal fashion, and once church is over, they head home and switch to another outfit, more appropriate for hanging out, or going to the movies, or what ever it is. My point is, holidays here are way too glorified then they should be.
Totally blown out of context. Wow! see what talking about Halloween started, but you could make that case with almost any other holiday. Don't get me started on folks who celebrate their birthday for seven whole days):

Thirty-thousand feet in the air listening to my buddy Mike Maven on my itunes, A great new artist that will soon be heard. We just recorded his new album last month and I'm checking out the mix now, sounds good too! Wish he would let me share it with you all, it's refreshing, Not often can you hear me tagging some music saying it refreshing.

My morning was pretty rough as I start my west coast run touring with Bilal on the album we produced Airtight's Revenge. I plan to do a special blog on How the album was made in its entire. I have clips that I've recorded with my camera and photo's and even some extended versions of songs. ( Stay on me, so i remember to post this blog)

My journey starts in Portland,Oregon, and from there, we go to San Francisco, Sacramento,Oakland,San Jose,Seattle,Washington, where they shoot grey's anatomy.
Los Angeles, Fullerton,California and there's a few more places that I'm missing but you get the point. It's a west coast trip. 
I missed my original flight to San Francisco due to poor communication, but thats a pretty private matter. When I got to the airport, I told this very nice woman my situation and she helped me out so much that I wasn't upset anymore for missing the first flight.
I told her I'm a musician and I have a show tonight in Portland and everything changed. I was able to make this flight that I'm on now, I will connect in Denver, Colorado. This was the very first time I've had to pay for bags to be checked, after always  enjoying the perks from my frequent flyer card, I totally forgot until after the transaction and I remembered, and I gave her my card, got credited for these miles and a nice upgrade! The only thing that sucks about this two and half week trip is, that most  of the time we're gonna be in a van driving around, and I left my ipod home sitting in the charger dock. I managed to grab everything else, but that.
I even packed my camera charger, like before when I blogged everyday from Europe and I took pictures and then the battery went dead. Well, this time, I left the ipod! DAMN!
That means more sleep, that's all.
I hope everyone is having a cool fall season, enjoy it, snuggle up, it's getting cold out!
Be sure to check back for my updates, starting with Portland, hopefully I'll  find some interesting things to share with you guys! We always inhabit the funniest stories.
Well folks, for its off to the hotel, put on my running shoes and hit a couple of miles, gotta get fit!

Later folks, write back to you soon.

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