Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holidays,concerts you need to see,and love your family

Wow!!!!! I look up and it's almost been a month and I haven't written one blog post.
I apologize everyone, just as someone commented on how I juggle my time and still have time to blog and show pictures to you guys, I go off and don't post one for almost a month. Forgive me, I'm back with a few things to share.

First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! Its that time of the year again, where we spend time with our beloved ones and reflect upon the year we've had and how we wanna do better and have a bigger impact for the new year that approaches us.
Again, I know, I've been missing in action and that's really not a cool way to keep in contact with you all, so I'm here, and hopefully I'll be more updating with what's going on.
I guess I can start by updating you on a few shows I have coming up.
This Wednesday the 24th I'll be taking my talents to Dallas,Texas to perform a show with Bilal at the Prophet bar. Then this weekend (27th) is filled with some more fun Performing in Washington D.C. at the Black Cat, while good friend and great artist Yahzarah will be opening for us. After these festivities, we'll be coming back home to take the stage in Philly performing at at the World cafe, with more friends, U-City opens for us. Thats the 28th of November folks, if your gonna be in any of these places, then feel free to stop past and come celebrate the holidays with me!
I trust that you'll enjoy yourself.

Every year around this time I self evaluate my career and where I wanna be, and I always use the previous years to mark my growth. While I'm doing that, I'm already making visions on where I wanna go next. Its so easy said then done, so in that case you take steps and strides at a time.
If your dedicated to whatever your passion is, you will succeed with a positive outcome.
This time last year, I told myself I wanna take it up to a higher level on Producing music, and being one of the best musicians out there. With prayer and hard work, those things are happening right before my very eyes, and believe me, when you hear them say, it happens very fast, it happens very fast.
That is why it's important to have yourself together and prepared for what your about to become. It happens often when people are handed these overnight careers and then their not ready for it and they do something stupid and with the blink of an eye, its gone. Sad but true.
Basically it's all about having your priorities set, simple stuff, obtain and sustain. Get it and hold on to it.

So here I find myself returning from a three week short tour with Bilal, promoting the new album "Air tights Revenge" (By the way, Do you guys have it?) My work never stops! And being busy is a good thing folks, remember to have fun at doing what you love.  Here I am back from the west coast, different weather, different time zone, and soon as I get back, I fall into Halloween!! Trick or treating with the kids, with some of the most Interesting costumes. Sheyenne along with Her Best friend Lashe wore these awesome Cereal Boxes. They were the old school sugar smacks and the new version on them. Built By Lashe's Uncle. With some many compliments on them, you would have thought they were out there modeling for best dress!!! After a hour or two, they were done, while my son Samarr  acted as the paper boy, he had his bike rolling through streets that were surprisingly blocked off in order to celebrate  going from door to door to collect candy. Pretty funny stuff, I was amazed, saying to myself, they actually block streets off? The kids enjoyed themselves.
While the holidays are beaming by, what else would be appropriate? Studio work. Yes!  All in the same week, no time to relax and re adjust my clock.

My good friends Fatin and Aja hit me up and we found ourselves in the studio the very next day working on their new album. We've got a few great records too. Even Vivian green jumped in and we started working on some songs, that I believe are great records. I feel like I've been making some good music as of late. There was a few months ago where I felt like I was in a music block.
I couldn't write anything, but now, it's different, things are flowing at a good pace, and to top all of that off, I'm  still in and out of town.
It's my passion along with being my job, so I enjoy coming to work everyday making great music that you can enjoy.

Talk about family, my beautiful parents are breeding little Shih Tzu's. It first started off with a small one, they named her pebbles, and she got lonely so they got another one and named him rocky, a few years later, they had little pups.

Have a Happy Holidays everyone and I'll talk to you all very soon.

And they had cereal boxes for costumes!
Lashe and Sheyenne and Samarr
Halloween 2010 
Getting the candy, streets all blocked off, having fun
Samarr as the Paper Boy Halloween 2010
Sheyenne old school wheat puffs
Lashe' sports the new sugar wheats
Halloween, folks really celebrated!
My mom and her little dog's center
Shih Tzu's
Shey and anika had fun picking them up.
Those little ones are having fun.
They all got names, don't ask me this one's name lol
I believe there is six of them.
There goes my parents and in their basement, taking care of all eight of their Shih Tzu's
And now they are sleep! Goodnite

Well I'm off to the gym, gotta try this lean thing out again, and then in the morning we're off to Dallas.
Check you guys out later, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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