Thursday, November 10, 2011


I really don't know what it is, but when I'm sitting at my desktop computer at the studio, I feel like I'm suppose to be working on a logic session, making a new song, or mixing something.

I'm also telling myself, Maybe I should blog today as well, but it never happens that way. 
Logic is always open and I find myself listening to something, and tweaking it.
I'm better with my laptop, just being able to move around and found a comfort spot to write.
So today… I have both right next to each other, with Logic on one, and text edit open on the other…slight multi task mission.
As I was walking to the studio today, I couldn't help but notice the scenery, and think, man, my neighborhood is cool and the sights of Fall are everywhere.
Which explains my pictures of random trees with different color leaves.
I thought it was cool.
More importantly, my mind where on a few things about life and I did plan a  part two to my blog of being fit.
I won't elaborate too much about this, but at some point, people in this world has got  to start taking care of themselves more.
Health is important man, it really is.
Take Heavy D for instance…..In America, we embrace our flaws and turn it into a huge promotion for ourselves and then wonder why something like a massive stroke can happen to someone so cool as him right?
Today I read that one of the reasons for a massive stroke is Obesity!
Well, along with High blood pressure and High Cholesterol, and a deadly smoking habit.

Why am I talking about Obesity? well, it is known to add mad strain on your heart and blood vessels, causing your body more prone to stroke risk, which can happen at the drop of a dime.
When you sit around and chill and eat bad… something I've been doing for the last week, you add extra pounds, which is so easy to put on, but then so hard to get off!
Specially in the designated areas, which are the stomach,butt, legs.

So with that said, are you gonna go out and get things in check before it's too late?
There is no part three of this topic, the rest is in your hands.
I care enough to make you aware and then you take it from there.
It's fun when you actually find a person that can push you to working out(a workout partner), there's no way your gonna stay motivated for the first time ever trying to exercise and you are by yourself. Which can result to folks going to la fitness, have them charge your card every month and you don't ever go, and when you do decide to go, you get these non motivating trainers they have there!
Go with someone who's gonna work out with you and make you come back until you can complete your own.
That's the way to go!
If you read this blog and it helped you, please be sure to add a comment telling me your story.
I would be happy that someone took this to heart and got themselves motivated.
After I'm finish writing and posting this, I'm out the door and on my way to the gym as well, i'd prefer running but the clouds are going in the direction of it raining, so that moves me to the gym?

Fall time, Thanksgiving, It's a perfect time to test yourself out with getting healthier and Fit.
The food that we have on those tables with the family, always put your under!
For the last three or four years, I've found myself eating less and less portions of food, when before I would pack everything I could get on my plate, and everything was bad for you!
I'm talking Cheese, Butter, Sugar, and more sugar…. calories and more calories!
Then you look up and you put on a quick five pounds,But you do nothing for it and then those Five pounds become ten.
You may be shaking your head as you read this, but it's the actual truth that nobody pays attention to.

I find it really funny how five years ago, the awareness of working out and what's not good for you to eat is so much on the forefront these days.
Remember dogging a bag of chips and not feeling bad about it, now days they have the calorie count on every piece of food you eat!
No more of the days of drinking the sugar baths for soda's and juices, I find myself watching for High Fructose Corn syrup in every drink I purchase.
WHile I should be purifying my body drinking (Smart or FUJI water, I'm a big sucker for Iced Tea drinks, preferably Nantucket's Half & Half… a combination of Iced Tea and lemonade! (NICE)

I know, but the sugar count is a acceptable level and they don't use high fructose corn syrup….. it's like a sugar bomb waiting to explode in your stomach, which turns into fat, which turns into unwanted weight gain.

Also to my drinking happy folks, sugar is at the top of the list  too in your favorite alcoholic  drink.
Which often leads to water weight that packs pounds on your ever so frame!
So when your out there having a good time, drinking all the time, that packs on just like bad food does,
Vodka, Wine, all the same.
Now, please folks, don't get me mistaken, or think that I'm trying to judge you all, I'm just making a friendly reminder of things that we often put on a back burner!
Nope... I didnt use the color editor for this shot.. all natural point and shoot
Not this one either... Fall Time!
I just kept snapping away.
That's more like Fall
And that's my dinner spot on some nights, located right next to the studio, everybody goes there... poeple mainly buy beer there, but, yeah, its our variety spot!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Be Fit

I started writing a blog on music and how I wondered if people missed those days of walking into a record shop to pick up your favorite new artist album and everything that came with that adventure.
I'm sure you all have stories about it and I'm also quite sure that you don't mind sitting  your lazy ass on your couch with your lap or desktop sitting right in front of you and your at the mercy of Apple's invention of Itunes!

You can buy your favorite songs and albums for $99 cents and $9.99 respectively.
Yeah… i went into a full story about it, but then something was brought to my attention.
Blog about something that really interest me and something that can reach out to my people! Without trying to sound like a world leader.
People now days are lazy.. yeah me too… I often get lazy with a bunch of things that I know I have to do.
You see it everyday. Your work load that you carry from day to day can keep you in a lazy funk.
Like there's just not enough time in one day, so you put things off that are obviously important, and you find yourself saying, ok, I'll just do that tomorrow.
Once you look up that tomorrow became a few weeks well into a month.
My point….. right….. I'm not gonna hit you with a sob story…. I'll get right to it.
Keep your figure tight…. look good for yourself…..Most importantly…. Try and keep things in order for your own well being…Stay Fit and Healthy!
By far.. I'm here judging anyone! But I will try to encourage you with my story.
As a teenager, I was a very athletic type of dude! I would play basketball everyday. It was ridiculous. I played in school, leagues, neighbor"Hoods", anywhere I could get a chance to play.
I played for fun, i played for battles, keeps, all that.
Little did I know that I would get older and wiser, but during that time frame an injury slowed me down.
Actually it kind of traumatized me from playing ball seriously. Which lead me to being the musician I am today.
What happened? My shoulder went through dislocation pains, yup the one where Mel Gibson pops it right back in during the movie…. Yes, thats real life! That was me, playing ball one minute and the next thing you know, one false move and its out…. it took me literally a minute to pop it back in and right back to action.
After while, the popping it back in thing, kinda took it toll, and had me laid out on a table for surgery!
Long story short..After rehab….. I was done…. no more ball for me.
What else could I do.
After years of being in the music business, Things have drastically changed….. I started sitting in front of a computer and drums…. it don't require me to move much and to be quite honest.. when your start aging a little, your body changes and things slow down.
All that crazy food I use to be able to eat and it not show on my stomach, or face….. they call it a tate worm….. I don't think so.
Which brings me back to why I'm writing this blog.
Rememer being in your twenties and you looked amazing, did it hurt when you finally realized that you went up a few pants sizes?
At one point in my life.. I was living in a shallow Hal world.. totally denying that I gained a bunch of weight, and I didn't pay too much of attention to it either.
I travelled the world back and forth, and I mean the world…
What didn't I incorporate through that journey?
A workout regime.
For working musicians, its really easy to pack on the pounds quick. Why?
We're often from the wear and tears of the road… getting up at the earliest hours to travel from one country to another, we work pretty much at night.. when do we eat? Well you know, whenever, after the shows, we hang out,  and the center of attraction is eating. Let's go grab some food.
Do I need to say more?
While I'm getting older a little and my metabolism is not running at the same speed it use to, I had to incorporate a plan to keep my self in somewhat of a good shape.
I jog…. i work out in the gym from time to time…. NO… Im not into it to become all mighty strong with massive muscles, but just light work outs that keeps my body cool.
I have a bunch of family and friends who I see now that have let themselves go, due to being lazy and blaming their work  as an excuse, or kids, or just life.
At some point you look in the mirror and see the damage, it motivates you to get control of it.
Then your laziness takes hold of you and the next thing you know is.. You've gained 20 more pounds and they are packing on fast. 
Your one of those folks who joins the gym at the top of the year and say, I wanna lose weight as my new years resolution. RIGHT. Please don't kid me with that one.
Try jogging… some it may seem boring, but the answer to that is, find a partner and allow them to push the hell of out you, and If I hear one more word about people not being able to jog because they say their knees are going to hurt……. Im gonna go crazy. (IT'S AN EXCUSE)
What have I done…. well its not simple, but one day I started off running because someone else encouraged me, i stressed that I want to be in shape and that I didn't wanna lose any self esteem in my life.
I took jogging on and at some point, I began to like it, like it a lot actually.
So much to the point where, I use a Nike sensor that goes into my Cool Nike Lunar glide sneakers.
The sensor tracks how long you ran, how many calories you  burned during the run, how fast your pace is going while you run.
It has definitely become a huge success with me.. and it's also one of my favorite hobbies now.
I like to get up and run, while it's freeing my mind, im working myself into a better shape.
Why did I type all of this?
Simple.. I wanna encourage people to not sit back and be lazy about your life and health.
You don't have a partner, simple, grab your Ipod, get some proper and comfortable running shoes,
Let your ipod be your coach. I have it on my sneaks and  I find myself often checking, seeing how fast I'm running .
Not sure if that is really helping me out  or not, but if I had to run without it now, I would be kinda thrown off, and out of place.
It definitely pushes you!

Check out my history on nike running  and see if that is something that floats your boat….people, we have to care for out well being,  don't let yourself go!  MY NIKE WORKOUT HISTORY
Too Be Continued………………………………………………….

My Brother John Price....Despite his crazy work schedule... he still manage to get out there with me!
This Amtrak Building I run past is a cool to look at?
The Locust Loop... This trail is nice and Short, but leads you right to the Art Musuem
You Can Ride your bikes, rollerblade, whatever floats your Boat
The runner crossed the finish line!
The actual Loop
Locust Street puts you right next to the trail.... and there's a Basketball court right down the way!
Yeah.. my bro John... different day, we be out!
Locust Point!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's October Already.... "Time Flies"

What's up folks…? I know… before you even say in your minds…. Wow..Steve Wrote a new blog….Yes… but life has been on going everyday for the past few months touring with Bilal and the fellas….Everyday in the fast-lane!
I don't know if many of you know the feeling of sleeping in a different bed every night right about midnight or later… or perhaps driving and sleeping in an upright chair along the highways.
One would think….. Of course there is enough time to pull out your macbook pro and blog away my experiences………………………………………………………Yeah.. Exactly.
There's just not enough time to get it all together.
In that van.. Your either trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.. Or you paying attention to the road and the driver as they drive with care and your safety in mind.
It can get really dark out there and you'll often find strange sceneries to complete your drive… most the time.. It's nothing .. Just pure road.. Loaded with Mack trucks that you have to past by.
Inside the van.. Equipped with the slowest wifi service you'll ever endure… it's like old school dial up internet….. Well..maybe a little faster but still.. At times I felt.. Wow… the internet is slow as hell… why even bother pulling out my computer and attempt to do anything!
So there you have it….. My time was swallowed by the tour life…… rock stars… often sleeping an average of 5 to 6 hours and getting right back up and doing it again!
For now… I'm home… life back to normal…. Studio schedule fell so much behind and other projects as well… I'm only one person.. But thank God for all the amazing people surrounding me..they make it all possible. Oh… and you guys for reading.. It always inspires me that you like to read the crap I write…. Sometimes it can be inspiring.
When I say everything has been off….I mean everything….From my workout regimen….You guys know how much I brag about the miles I run with my nike ipod system….. *SMiles… its the coolest gadget….Years ago.. Who ever would be thinking about how many miles they can run and how many calories you burn from it. I do now and its cool, its like a workout partner when you don't have one out there with you.

The past couple of days…. I ran a few times…. One day 4 miles…. One day 3 miles…. Not bad when all summer i've been in and out a van… on stage every night beating the crap out the drums…..Its still some sort of workout… but not the same effect.
Now that I'm home. I'm totally challenging myself to get my routine back on track and….. Wait…. ( if this kid don't stop kicking my chair.. And pulling on my hat from the seat behind……geez dude… your like 10!!!)
……….As I was saying… i'm back on the hustle… studio.. Family….And just life… and yeah.. I am on a plane this very moment…. I guess this was an excuse to grab my laptop and start writing.. What a way to wisely use your air time…..Even though your emotions are heightened.. And elevated because you wanna have a safe flight….But most the time.. I feel.. You get your mind at a good peace.
Thinking, relaxing. Even if I have to ride coach class….I have a free moment to share with you my thoughts.

Since I been home, its been almost a month now….I believe….I've been in the studio with my buddy Chris Turner… What a talent.. What a gifted singer he is…. If you don't know him… I'm  sure, in the months to come, you will definitely find out who this dude is.
Chris sings backup with Us with Bilal…If i was him… that would be my dream gig… to sit and pick the brain of someone of Bilal talent.. the genius himself……Even myself… I mess around with singing just enough to hold my notes and stay sharp for studio purposes…..being a friend and bandmate with Bilal.. you can't help but to catch contact of some of that amazing singing that he does EVERY night.. no matter what!
Some people can say what they want about Chris and his connection with Bilal and how he sounds like him… but can you blame him…..And just try to make sense of what every amazing entertainer has done in their lives and careers…. They took from the many others who inspired them and made their own lane.
Every artist and musician have done it….You don't think Bilal had Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie wonder, Prince, Marvin Gaye in mind when he was building his legacy?
So cool…….We all have done it in some sort of form in life…….I'm sure you can agree!
Fellow drummers.. remember those times when all you wanted to do was learn Dave weckl licks,
Singers.. Remember when the likes of Aaron Hall, R. Kelly, Bobby Brown, Baby face, SWV. etc… inspired you to write your cheesy RnB song.
I can go on with that analogy.. But somewhere deep inside my heart… i'm sure you get the point.
All that to say…. I remember when there was a time in Bilal's young career.. People I know.. Would always say… yeah man… he sounds like prince….
Now I hear folks say.. Chris turner  sounds like Bilal….If he does.. Then Bilal is doing a great thing and what is even greater…. To be compared to such a voice like that and it's not in a bad way…. You have to believe your doing something right!
Wait…….. Thunderstorms…….. Just when I thought I was smooth sailing  up in the air!
Anyway… I've had the pleasure of helping produce Chris Album…. Does he have a date….. Not to sure on that one but he does have a tumblr page… along with Facebook…..And one of those music pages….ummmmmm Band camp… you can check him out ……Oh yeah i'm tripping I just produced his most to date song that's currently on itunes.. "Liquid Love" download it….. We're doing music folks… building our young legacy into existence!
I have to go now…. My whack battery is about gone and it will completely shutdown at any given moment…… so until next time peoples….
Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Life.....

Texas……….sporting a Phillies Cap….Dark Navy Blue With the White P.
As I gather my things at the counter, the clerk goes into a moment because most of his folks are from New Jersey… right outside of Philly… which results to them all being Phillies fans! He goes into a quick two minute story of his life and how he bought tickets for his grandparents to attend their first ever Philles Baseball game.
Somehow, I'm always being subject to a stranger enaging in conversation, while quickly blurting their whole life in a 3 minute span! It never fails, I smile and ask…" How Are you" Polite…From there its all she wrote.
This has happened to me quite frequently, I'm always puzzled in the end like.. what just happened? As if I was the guy on The Invention Of Lying.. :)

By the way baseball fans of your respected cities, If you didn't notice The Phillies are on a roll… did you watch the standings? We're first place with a hell of a pitching rotation! I have my Good friend in Philly Cj Branch to blame… he's a great young pianist from Philly quickly emerging into one of the cats! I credit him to befriending me into a Phillies fan. While we're at the studio… the game is on the  flat screen tv (not Mounted on the wall) while we make records. 
It's to the point where i watch the stats online and check the score and get pissed if one of my favorite players don't have a good game. Thanks C.J.

Anyhow, being on the road touring has been pretty cool… I've said it before…. being able to play using your god giving talents are a huge blessing. Many would love to be in a position where they wake up and get paid to do what they love for a living. I treasure it. Believe that folks. I really do. 
The only part about it is, you have to endure a crazy schedule, that includes a life where it can become very repetitious….The same things.. Check in…. Unpack lightly….Re pack and check out! It sounds like nothing, but when your on the road for a little over a month..those things become a pain in the ass! Somebody was smart enough to grab a more then reliable piece of luggage with wheels! :)
Even now……Sitting in the Van with a hefty amount of road to gain in the pursuit of Los Angeles!
The Gps is saying we've got about a twenty hour drive! Ouch…. which results in cramped up body…hunger…a  bunch of things all in one… You guys still envious of this lifestyle?

It's a process that one has to get use to.. other wise it will eat you alive.
I've been surrounded by a host of shopping malls… window shopping here.. buying stuff there… to jeans shopping in nordstrom….bestbuy… whole foods.. you name it… I never seen so many mall outlets.. and to top it off, they are built in the middle of nowhere!
Like hey.. come here.. shop.. eat and hang out.. then once you pull away from the complex.. its a bunch of space.. nature. weed tumbles.. Well this is Texas.

That is what I've been seeing outside of playing these shows… hotel after hotel.. nice one after not so nice one…..You know the rest.

After performing in Houston…even though the production of that night was very interesting… the vibe of the show was indeed there….The stage though…that we had to play on. reminded me of a scene from the wedding singer…. it was definitely 80's inspired…. I had to figure out how to get to the drums… climbing my way there even!
Music playing as I blog…….Heatwave's Star of the story… Now Common's they don't know.
With a host of movies on deck… I had to contribute to the pile… buying  couple of Will Farrell's classics… " Step Brothers" "Talladega Nights" Gotta make this trip worth while…..
Conversations going around in the van….. Funny story…..We all decided to stop in Nordstrom and next minute you know.. we are all trying jeans on.. i had about 6 to 7 pairs… in the fitting room……
laughing? Yeah it looked funny.. even Bilal was in there trying jeans on…we occupied each room!
Then on to wholefoods to load up on the fruit!
Life on the road… can you imagine it?
To ease our cabin fever pain.. we play catch.
The middle of nowhere!
Self timer is gonna help me take more pics :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tour Blog...In Houston,Tx

Jack In The Box…..BestBuy…… Walmart…… Target…….Best Western Hotel……Loads of car dealerships…….The Endless roads… is all I see right about now as I do this Tour With Bilal.
Tired isn't the word that describes my feelings right now… more like miles adding up on my internal system. 
This Texas swing of the tour has been excruciatingly Hot! A record setting 107 Degrees. You walk just a block and your sweating for you life..and gasping for air like you ran a marathon…. I'm not kidding.. its insane…. But its summer!
I would take that over the cold and snow anyway.
I think this tour has made my summer go quicker then I could see it! I remember June came and It left as fast as it came…

Everything moves pretty fast when your busy and doing a million things at once.
I swear I only seen my studio like three days this summer! Everyday I was there, I had to turn in records for deadlines and quickly move around in there. Idea's swam through my head but I couldn't Indulge because there was simply no time for it.

This Road is a monster.. driving from coast to coast is taxing and just as your putting miles on the van or bus… those miles are added to you buddy as well…Don't believe me… just ask around.The suck part about it is that you can't tag these miles along to your rewards card for free travel. Wouldn't that be something else… these miles would seriously add up!

The Beautlful part about being on the road…. We get to use our talents, doing what we absolutely love and cherish night in and night out. Thats the whole point of it…Behind the scenes though, leading up to that actual performance is something else that the normal consumer have no clue about.
Even now……. we have a show tonight in Houston and I'm sitting here typing,listening to music, a movie, everyones choice of entertainment.. even got a few games of NBA 2K11 in…I'm feeling worn out, tired and hungry all in one.. and I still gotta re check in to yet another hotel and have about an hour or two for myself. Im sick instantly…………………

It's the road…. that's what us musicians call it….where on the road!

Wear and Tear it is… but I don't think I'll trade it in for a traditional 9 to 5 for nothing!!!
The Van is pulling me and pulling.. I just wanna sink into those amazingly comfortable high thread count sheets at the hotel.. which one? I don't know… let hope they have them… and call me bougy if you want.. I don't care.. I've learned to appreciate  fine things in life and yes folks….. Egpytian Cotton sheets 500 thread count and higher are the best to me.
You get in your bed and rub your feet against them and its one of the best feelings ever.. try it!  Where to get them?
Your local TJ Maxx…. Marshalls…those stores can at least start you off and once you get the fever.. its all on you!
Yeah.. its ok to thank me now… :)
Four hours later from Dallas and We have arrived in Houston….Beautiful city filled with lots of amazing musicians and peers…
With two days off already.. I think its safe to say that the band and myself is ready to get back onstage and perform.
Its fun to have days off.. but they always somehow put a dent in your stage flow….One show.. two days off…. one show three days off…….
As we're driving at a non stop pace…. with hopes to make it to this meet and greet sessions for Bilal…..By judging on the looks of everyone faces… the moment when you get past hunger is there…. tired and weary and thirsty….. HOT as hell….
We stop have the meet and greet!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Now back to driving again… this time with our hotel check in on the agenda…. BUT…. Hunger made us stop…………………..(Heaven Music is Playing as we roll up to our beloved Chic Fila……Bilal Yells STOP!!!! We must eat something! (LOL) So we stop.. I can't tell you how many times we stopped on the road at this place……Savior it was!
Eating time…. joined by a rare Kids Birthday party you almost never see at Chic Fila…..So southern party it is…..
My Food craving is gone… my feet are kicked up for the moment and I'm gonna enjoy these few minutes and relax and hope you had a good time reading my journey….. A few told me that I should blog more so maybe I just will do that.

I'm All Checked in…. High thread count sheets are grazing my skin…. im not here for long but while its lasting.. I'll enjoy it for the moment…. See you guys on the next… hopefully my journey will be all about Austin,Texas…… Later
Chris Turner and Tone Whitfield Speaking at the Meet and Greet
Me and Pianist Corey Bernhard.. He's my Secret weapon not for long!
My guys.. having their moment....I was trying out the timer on my cam.. my new friend
Our home on wheels..... yup....
Feeling the Heatwave!
Tone- Bass Player and Producer Of Little ones track
What more can you say... not interesting?
It's def not my stuff......random food snacks laying in the van
Well.... you know how it goes down
Hans Elder...Tour Manager.... Gets us where we need to be!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Montreux Switzerland

Three blogs in one week! I must be on a roll… (Just kidding) 
I looked in my digital camera and I found pictures from The Montreux Jazz Festival….. I thought… Why not show my folks who haven't seen it. It's pretty Beautiful there! 
Just so you know..Montreux is a small little town located in Switzerland outlined by the dope shores of Lake Geneva..You'll have to see it to believe it. It's one of the most prestigious Festivals in Europe and it's the second largest festival in the world after Canada's Montreal Jazz Fest. It's been going since 1967 with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Frank Zappa, BB King, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Prince, Return to Forever, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and much much more.

Ok… so growing up as a kid.. listening to all these wonderful artist, and knowing that they graced the stage their at the wonderful festival.. makes me proud as a musician to accomplish getting to that point of playing the same stage! Yeah.. Im pretty excited.. it gives you a great feeling as to who you are as a musician and a hell of measuring stick to your growth.
I never imagined playing in these exotic countries…. festivals. staying on mountain tops in hotels… going from room to room to see all those legendary performances…. no.. I never imagined that but I did know at a certain point in playing music that I have some special… little did i know that it was special enough to travel the world and play music.
I remember back in 2000, I would tour with Bilal, and a few other artist and I played this very same festival, (The Montreux) I remember being so young and stupid! I remember being there, just being a snob…. ungrateful about the sights that surrounded me…. They were amazing in every way possible… but being 19, maybe 20 yrs on the road… never been anywhere before.. it seemed very surreal… I wasn't open to a damn thing… I wore roca wear and sported braids….and played in a great Band.

Little did I know, I was beginning my little musical following? Yeah right, the begining of a brand….Around that time Robert Glasper played with us…He wasn't as famous as he is now,but you could tell the legacy was quickly being assembled within all of us in that band. (Tony Whitfield, Mike Severson, Laron Thomas, Rob Glasper, Lamont Caldwell, Candice Anderson, Finese, And Bilal)
I even developed my own sound while not even knowing it… I just thought that if i continued to play well and not mess up and get those guys to go.. "Whew" you killing boy" then I figured everything was cool.

To prove it.. I have a video of us playing in the summer of 2002…. At the time. we played almost every Jazz festival there was in Europe…. we did the Nice Jazz Fest, Summer Sonic in Japan…North Sea…..And Of course the famous Montreux. Right before we performed Montreux stage, We played in Holland.. where they hold or held the Famous North Sea Jazz fest… Below on the bottom of this blog I will include a full show of us in concert.. and back then we played a full show… It's the same show we played the very next night in Montreux Switzerland….It shows us being so young and full of music and fun and not one worry in the world.
You can see and hear the progression of the sound that we have and now play with today.
I feel totally blessed to grace the stage of the Montreux festival already four years now.

It's always a little corny when you arrive and have to play the same day, this time around, we had a day off before and we were able to see a little bit of what goes on at these festivals… surely, people just drink alot and party, but there's also the amazing sights and music to go along with it.....I'd even advise you to take a vacation there.. I'm sure you'd love it!
So check out my pictures and little video clips to give you a quick glimpse….
A view from outside of the jazz fest!
A cool Library In town....
Another view.....
Hotels Right across from The Festival
Then there are Phamacie's
Tony watched BB King In the Vip Room... For the folks who don't wanna stand. Instead sit on a plush couch and cool out!
A small view of Lake Geneva... it swirls the whole town...
There you have it.....
All I do is Point and shoot what I see..
Tony and Chris walking through the town...
Point and shoot folks.....
Walking through and we find a Music Shop
Folks enjoying the Sun and Music
From the Roof top of my hotel
Lounge/Hot tub on the rooftop?
More View from the roof....
Can't Beat that.. can you...
Band Fun Times
From the Roof Again
Ok.. So I enjoyed the roof!