Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time Is Not Waiting.....

Well, here we are in 2011, perfectly fine,healthy and pushing forward to our dreams of whatever it is we wanna achieve. Tired as I am in this very moment, This blog almost didn't make the cut, but it's been a while since my last, so here it is.
I celebrated my new year the old fashioned way, and it was quite refreshing. Since I didn't have to work this time around it was best decision  to hang with the family and relax with no pressure of going to a club and gathering a crew to party and drink with. We started off by going to the movies and caught two flicks, Meet the Fockers, and Tron. By the time we finished it was still early enough to avoid the obnoxious crowds that were coming out to party. We then went to the super market and bought some groceries and called it a evening in the house. We watched the ball drop, baked cookies,played the wii game (Micheal Jackson of course) until they got tired. If your curious and wondering, NO I didn't take part in the Mike Jackson game, dancing is just not my thing. The kids had a ball though. Meanwhile, I hope you guys enjoyed your celebration. I'm sure many of you partied extravagantly through the night, Throughout the world.

Time is moving more quicker then ever, as you look up, there goes another year that has passed, along with season after season. Every now and then I think back on how a few months ago we were in the season of fall, and before that late summer and spring. Now to think that spring time is just a few months away makes me really happy but alarmed a little, when I think about how time flies away. January has come and it's almost over and on to February. Month after month, holiday after holiday, Birthday after Birthday. The essence of time will never wait on you. It keeps going and going. Catch my drift? We've got to take advantage of every moment we have, because if you noticed, time just doesn't wait for nobody.
I remember at one point it was the year 2000 and I had my first child, and my second one 2002 respectively and now it's 2011. Kids are almost as tall as me, their are quickly approaching middle school grade and I'm looking at them saying to myself, what happened? This was all too fast. Well no more time for being shocked and surprised, now I just have to embrace and take the challenge I have coming to get them in the right shape for life. My parents did a good job in raising me and my brother and sisters and have pointed us down the right paths. I am certain that I have what it takes to do the same with my own. Here comes the battle.

Are you guys enjoying your new year so far? Have you've been anywhere exciting and have funny stories to tell. Have you experienced anything new? I would love to hear about it, but since you never share your comments on my page, then i guess I'll never know the answer to that. Well more about the adventure of me.
(Kidding) I've managed to keep the life moving in being a Music producer and running a studio and still split time with traveling on the road as a drummer. Being able to get on stage every other night is the greatest feeling in the world, being able to share my talents and have people watch. You could never ask for more. I love it with a passion.
I always see new things while being on the road, And the encounters are priceless. We meet people of all kinds while we're out and I have to say, I wouldn't trade my job in for anything else. Sometimes while I travel, I feel like I'm viewing the world and I think about how some folks never travel too far from where they live, except for going to work. It puzzles me because there is so much to see in this world. There are beautiful countries and all types of cultures that people would love, only if they tried enough to see themselves somewhere different from what they are use to.
I remember my first travel experience going to a tropical island, St Thomas to be exact, and I remember having so many emotions on getting away and taking upon my first professional gig. I was gonna get paid, going to a island where people go and vacate. Play a show, make money, check into a five star hotel, be feed for free, get money per day for being away, it's called per diem by the way. No way right, but yes, that's how I've been working since, it's been 12 years now since that first experience. It was the best too, I couldn't believe it, then it all kicked in once I got back, that some close family members have only been as far as Wildwood,New Jersey. I didn't mean to get into a rant on that, but if your reading and your one of those folks who never traveled anywhere, please, why are you waiting? It's not that expensive anymore to book a vacation. Do your homework, plan a trip, budget it out, and get away from where you are, even if its only for a weekend. If you live in europe, I wanna tell you that, New York city isn't the place either, there are far more cities to see. If your living in the states, please, let me say that traveling to Miami isn't the only spot thats hot, I commend you for getting on the plane and going somewhere, but fly across the Atlantic ocean and see Europe, it's beautiful, it's a land that you've never seen before with so much culture to offer. With all that said, handle your business folks, we're in the 21st century, go and get a passport, be adventurous and have fun in life, don't miss out on things because your contempt with life as you see it.
I remember feeling that way at one point in my life, and god managed to bless me when I found something that I loved and stuck with it. Does that make sense to you? It sure does to me. 
This should be your moment to take advantage of this conversation if it pertains to you. If you need any suggestions, I've been around a lot and I remember some pretty good places to go. Japan, South Africa, Germany, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland. You name, they are all beautiful places. 
Get my drift folks? I hope so, stay tuned for my next blogs to come, thanks for reading, and Have a Happy New Year.

Sheyenne and Her Friend Lashe' finding a spot to sled!
And sleding they go, in clark park in Philly.
They seemed to be having fun, while I was cold with no gloves on!
Everybody's doing it, snow sleding in philly
Nice little snow day in the park.
She couldnt walk up the hill, so she crawled!
At some point, you had to wait to roll down, other, there would be crashes.
ok, you get the point!

At last today, I wanted to show you a video of this amazing show I've played on, In germany, Its called the Soul Symphony, performed with Tweet, Joy Denalane, Bilal, and Dwele with a 150 piece Orchestra. We played many old classics that you all know and love. Watch us perform Becta Bow Golly Wow. Tweet killed it.

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