Friday, February 18, 2011

The Record Shop

Remember those days of walking in a record shop and you actually spent time in there picking out the latest cd of your favorite artist. The ambience of being in a record store filled with people digging through records looking for some great music. Those days are basically gone,waiting in lines when a new album dropped, gone. Now days you can buy an entire album on the internet without leaving your home while avoiding all the crowds and crazy commotion going on. I use to like those days when my favorite record came out, but for me, it was walking to the neighborhood spot to grab those bootleg cassettes that would cost $5 bucks or so. Those tapes were so fake that it wouldn't even have the entire record on there, and the quality would suck like crazy. I remember when I was able to start working  and I was able to afford the real quality tapes! Those were the days. "Tower Records" Rest In Peace.

Technology has taken over like never before. " Hint" "Itunes" has shut down all the reasons to make it out to a record store formally known as "Tower Records" "Virgin Records" The idea of buying a single song for 99 cents and having the option to preview songs from a whole album has been pretty bad for the music business. ( Great For the consumers)
Record producers such as myself has had a hard time selling records because the internet has built a database where it's way too easy to download songs for  free and the sharing rate between friends saying," oh I can give you that album"  has been moving at a scary rapid pace. Those days of hanging with your friends and listening to your favorite album and asking to borrow it, or your other option was to go out and buy your own copy are long gone.
Now you can simply download an album to a flash drive, and burn it to a cd, or download a program such as lime wire.
Something Napster started, before it was quickly shut down from the once then strong record company business!

Talk about making a life from this music biz!

All that to introduce my feeling of this record shop that was brought to my attention while being on a short tour in Los Angeles,California.
Amoeba Records, an Independent Record shop that resides in La and has two other homes which resides in Berkley California and San Francisco. I know I'm a little late and most of you know about  this shop, but I always rode past this store during countless visits to La and never once paid any attention to it.
Being on tour with Bilal and visiting the shop for promo purposes helped me see something that I was missing.
Walking in a record store and looking all around checking out old and new albums, with loads of cassette tapes and vinyl's, all over the place. Even DVD'S and VHS tapes. Old and New!
I couldn't believe the feeling it gave me and the size of the store was way too overwhelming for me to comprehend.

The sections were amazing, if you wanted strings, or jazz music, it was there, folk music, you name it.

One feature in which I thought was attractive was it's large connection to Independent music and labels.

The support is beyond cool! Carrying all these great independent artist that you can't find in the lone "FYE" record shop.
The hope of releasing your own record and a store such as Amoeba will not only carry it, but promote it and offer in store performances along with the package.
Pretty good job Amoeba! I was walking around in the store checking out cd's and felt like a little kid again in a candy store.
Reading through album credits and checking out who produced what is always enjoying while listening to a cd. Better feeling then downloading the credits to a pdf form to check out who did what.
When I inquired about the record store, I was surprised to find that the store only has three locations as I stated before in the blog. Only three? California is cool for keeping record shops with such prestige. I enjoyed myself and if you were, you would have a great time picking through all your favorite records that you once loved but couldn't find anymore. Amoeba has got it covered, I've seen it with my own eyes.

Bilal had an in store performance in all three records shops this past fall, and it gave me a good feeling.
People still love to come out and support good good music. 
With no disrespect to FYE, it just didn't feel the same as walking into Amoeba, it was a very cool atsmospere and it had a calming relaxing feel to it. While you're shopping in FYE, your in a hurry to buy things such as a Itunes card with money on it to download songs, and buy a set of headphones, or posters for your child. Everything that has nothing to do with music. In Amoeba, people are in there for the pure art of music!
Record digging, everything goes in there. I was pretty impressed as I've heard so many great things about this place.

I encourage you to take a trip there if your ever in Hollywood La.

By the way, you can get a wax copy of Airtight's Revenge there too! Check it folks.

Back to the studio I go, and some gym time, the last few days have been beautiful out and jogging and running ball was a good thing for me.
Well, I gotta go, this Trey songs making love video is driving me crazy. LOL

Later peeps, enjoy and stay healthy.


Folks shopping for music while waiting for Bilal's instore performance.
Music Everywhere!
The counter
Bilal And Mike performs
I told you this place was huge.
another view
That's Pretty cool.
Listening station.
The record shop from outside.
The crowd checking out the music

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