Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicago And The Cold And The Gig

I've been to some cold places before but this one town Chicago never lets me down with its stone cold weather!
Don't get me wrong, its beautiful there and I would encourage people to see the town and all, but once winter hits, winter really spanks you there. Its colder the cold there. Even now!
I recently just had a show there at a club called The Shrine. The owner made a note to me that his connection is deep with Philly performer's such as Dj's Jazzy Jeff, Rich Medina, singers Res, Bilal, Kindred. and a host of others. This is after he asked where were we from. Philly in Chicago, gotta love it. We're such a great musical town.
Back to the cold…. As many times as I been there, I have a fair share of moments where the temperature was off the chain. I thought we had it bad  here in Philly, but i was dead wrong. If i had the choice, I would never do a winter there. Im sorry, that was kinda of harsh, but who doesn't want the pretty weather year around?
I'm pretty sure plenty of you do.
Chicago.. Thee most popular city in the midwest. Home of our favorite president Barack, while its also the home of well respected producer and MC Kanye West and Common. Ok you get it already, you already know.
Ok I'll tell you something that you didn't know.
Chicago was once rated as a city with the most Balanced economy in the United states! Talk about money and high level of diversification. Money Money Money. They have it.
It's also a great musical and sports town as well. In the summer, it's great to perform there. This one club in particular The Shrine had a bar right before the stage. So as you watch the show, you would see the bar right in front down below. Yes, the bar is right in front of the stage, and while your ordering a drink, your looking directly up to the stage.
I thought it was pretty cool and distracting at the same time. You get to order your drink, and then you watch the show too!
The lighting was pretty bad, as we struggled to see the audience we played in front of. They also cooked us with those lights, I must have loss a few calories after that show. My whole shirt was soaking wet, as if I jogged 5 miles.
I know pretty nasty, but I work hard on that stage!
I love being a musician and being able to perform in a different city every night, and the flip side of it is creating and producing music that most love and some hate. It's a great job to have.  I thank god everyday that I'm not sitting behind some desk or walking mail all over the place.
Life is an interesting thing. Where you start, where you end up, it's all up to you and what you want out of life.
I'm glad God gave me the gift of music.
I know some of you are reading and have the ambitions in mind, so if you love it, and have the passion, you should pursue it with everything you've got.
It will happen with a lot of hard work. You can use the same motivation with any field of work your in.
If you wanna be that manager, or whatever it is, its only hard work that you have to put in.
Enough of my speech, I was speaking of Chicago.
I would say,only visit when its warm, or if you do decide to go, bundle up, because it's gonna be cold.
It's always something to do there, they have nearly 200 art galleries, who doesn't like art? Over 7,000 restaurants, in which I've explored a few. The latest was Harrold's Chicken. Pretty good.
The show went pretty well. We played a good hour and a half and I'm sure people who came out left pretty happy, even while it snowed. 
Well folks, I'm gonna get back to the studio, and get some work done, enjoy and have a great evening.
If you get a minute, stop by an artist I'm working with name Chase Allen, he's a young rapper from Philly, he's pretty dope and we're working on some good music. He just launched his website and there's more to come from him, so look out for him at Iamchaseallen.com

There's the Bar, then there's the stage. The Shrine.
Here's another shot at the stage. During sound check
Here's a better angle, see what I mean.
Dope record display at the club
All those drinks!
Stage Top
The Hallway To the Shrine.
Arts and Craft day, painting bunk beds with the kids
We assemble it.
We prime it!
And then we paint it! fun colors, they had a blast.
Now they are ready to go to bed. Long day.

Later folks

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