Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Music, In the studio.

Whasup everybody! I hope all is well and your enjoying this warm weather approaching us. It's been a long winter it feels like, but a good one in terms of getting stuff done and staying on top of things.

While were enjoying our lives , others aren't so fortunate. Japan has been in a serious crisis , Egypt went nuts for a while, and now we are at war with Libya. I would say there's a lot going on in the world.
That's why I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with the life that I have and the world I live in. 
It's important to be thankful for small things such as waking up everyday, being healthy, being able to provide food and shelter for my family.

You know, things that are often taken for granted. 
I don't mean to scare you with this blog today, but I felt it in my heart to mention these things.
On a another note, I've been short with my blogging lately, but only because I've had a mass volume of work to do.
This past summer I enrolled with daughter into a private school, with an enormous amount of help from some very loving and beautiful people.

She's doing a lot better now, after a rocky start, but what else can you say when your child was deprived in a sad public school system.

I've also been busy splitting time in the studio and on the road with Bilal Supporting his new album Airtight's Revenge. A great album that I help produce, if you don't have it, I'd advise you to get it! We've been touring around with it, and we're set to tour to europe again in a week or so from now.

Studio time, is a beast in itself, only because it requires so many hours.
I'm in here almost everyday and the weekends I try to spend with my family to balance it out.
Its a tuff job, but God blessed me with the talent to give you guys great music, so here I am.
Speaking on music, I'll leave you guys with a new single I produced with my partner Adam Blackstone. The song is by my good friends, Kindred The Family Soul. You Got Love  featuring Snoop Dog.
This song was one of the tracks I've been working on over the winter and now its released. The loved it the minute they heard it, Me, I always down play my music for some reason, and I almost didn't play this beat for them. Look at it now. VH1 rotation and BET as it airs.
Check it out and show your love,  stay in tune for more music from me and look out for their new album The Great Ression.

Im outta here folks!
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