Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holland is a nice place!

What can I really say about The City Of Holland. Amsterdam and Rotterdam to be exact?
It's pretty chill and relaxed and most of all, I feel totally comfortable there. I Haven't really figured it out yet, but I've been there plenty of times to try and figure it out, but I still have not managed to do so.
If your wondering about the smoke shops and all that good stuff, Im not into that stuff so much, but sometimes it is fun, especially right before going on stage. It's like playing in space! Anything you ever thought about doing, it all comes out without a hesitation. Whether its that run you've been trying to belt out, or a bass lick your trying to throw in on a show, it will all come out while playing under the influence of the you know what.

Amsterdam in the summer is a beautiful place.. there's so much to the city that everytime I go there, I see something different.  It's that I'm blogging on this place once again, if any of you guys remember last year I blogged about Amsterdam, and now I'm back again.
This time around was a very interesting trip. The famous Paridiso Venue that everyone performs at when they visit Amsterdam, heard of that place right. Ok well we would always perform there, and they have a smaller stage upstairs, and a bigger stage downstairs. Well When I tour with Bilal, we always perform on the bigger stage and the crowds usually pack in to see us, Watching Bilal in concert is an amazing experience along with the how well he bonds with the band on stage allowing them to creative and free. It's the best to me.
Well this time, the first time in years, our roles were reversed, as we played the smaller stage due to a Adele concert being booked on the same night.
The whole time I'm wondering, wow, what is going on? We never play the small stage, i remember a few times, we played there after our concert to hold a jam session. Now, we're doing our full in there.
I just figured that the promotion sucked pretty bad, and that this should never happen again.
It's one thing to jump from a major to Indie, but to drop off like that in ticket sales……… Where is this coming from?
It was like a smack in the face, but a reality check too at the same time. 
People filled up the small little place and the sound was nice and tight, and everybody felt comfortable and had a great show.  Hopefully this promotion of these tours and shows will get better.
It's really a bad look when you come to town and nobody knows your there! if any officials are reading this, then I honestly feel like you need to, and that you need to step up your game of promoting your artist when they tour another country.
When you travel all the way to Europe…. they love it when we come and they expect a great sound and show…. It's a total different beast when they don't even know your coming though.
On the bright side of that, the sun was shining bright, and you could smell spring and summer all in the air.
It's rare that we tour Europe this time of the year, it's usually always when the weather is cold or raining and grey outside.
So that made things a lot better.
Maybe that's why I ran into so many cool attractions there. Weird thing is, I was there to work and it felt like I was a tourist, walking around with my camera and did a little window shopping.
There were plenty museums and parks, I felt like wow, I've cheated myself overtime I came in the past.

I would definitely encourage anybody to go there for a vacation, specially if you never gotten yourself out of the country. I think people should have passports in general, because it makes it easier for you to book a flight and go, rather then saying, I'll get my passport first , and then I can go.
Just get one now, because you never know when your gonna want or need to cross that Atlantic Ocean.
Amsterdam is dope, Rotterdam is also dope! That place always makes me feel like I'm home for some reason.
I have a few friends there and they are totally cool and always making me feel right at home.
Again I haven't  pin pointed what it is about Rotterdam either. Another place where I've been a number of times.

Maybe it just a pure vibe, but It always makes feel cool when I'm there.
Some people favorite places are, London, Paris,Berlin, etc…. I like Holland!
Its definitely one of my favorite European cities to this date, and Oh, I have to give a honorable mention to Den Haag.
Holland is just cool.
Kinda ran into this shopping strip.... It was located right at the top of the street where I was staying....
Almost every shop you can think of!
Nice Area!
Everyone lncluding this young man right here is riding bicycles
Didnt believe, everybody is riding them
And there was a museum
Tony walking through the park.
He's in all my photo's
This was one of my favorite aspects of this park! Playground with the kids
more playground
And they played basketball
Then they skated!
Nice park!
Later folks

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