Monday, April 4, 2011

On The Road In Paris Again.

I can't really remember how many times I've been in Paris and other places in France I visted, But I do know that it has been quite a few times. I've have many experiences here as well.
Paris is a beautiful place, and just like any other place you travel too, there's gonna be nice moments about the city and not so nice moments. Its all over the world. Paris has got Hoods too, and it just on a different level hood if you know what I mean.
One thing that is very new to me though, is coming to Paris and having a full two days off with no concerts to play!
Yeah they cancelled our show due to low ticket sales I heard, or something like the promoter didn't feel like he could pull the show off. So we get here, to only find out that we're staying here for two days after going non stop for two days straight. From Norway to Germany. Full steam ahead!

We literally went from flying from JFK into Germany to Norway and played a show and rested for a few hours and then flew to Berlin, and got in a Van and drove to Minden Germany. On about 5 hours of sleep, total.
Needless to say, these two days off in Paris was a bit different because every time I'm here, its all about work and studio and work, and traveling. My past few days were cool, spending time with friends from here and seeing the town like I never get to see it because I'm always working.
I even took a jog around this dope lake in the area 16, if you pay any attention to the districts here.

Shops were cool… if your into spending a little more then you know you should be, then cool. The Boutique shops are all there. I've found a few, but nothing worth me spending any extra euro's on.

I was more intrigued by the culture of France, and how differently they do things in the city.
The traffic patterns that drives you crazy while you feel like your going in a big circle. The way they just shut the city down on sundays and mondays, and EVERTHING closes early!
I wanted something to drink, and came away totally shocked that there wasn't one little spot open to get a bottle of water from.
I was in a conversation with a few friends and we got into details briefly on why Paris has a kind of relaxed and lazy feel. I wont go into specific details but I can say that the government welfare system is enormous here. You get something like 1,000 euro per child, if you don't have a job and claim to be poor. What I found interesting was that you can work to about 8 months and you can have 75 percent of your salary at your job. 75 percent!!!!! Im guessing these salaries aren't too much.
It makes sense now that most businesses are closed and Sunday and Mondays. They aren't  tripping about it. Some kind of Social Security system going on here in Paris.
It's still a beautiful place to visit. 
I was kinda sad to see the famous venue Elysee Montmartre burned down to the ground.
That was a very popular place to play in Paris.
I had some good moments in that venue as a musician, back in 2002 playing with Bilal.
The band grew on that very stage and to come back here now years later to see it gone, is sad.
It's always like that though, when you have very fond memories of places and you come back and they don't exsist anymore.

I think everyone in the crew enjoyed themselves this time around in Paris, I know i did.
We got to stay at a hotel of our choice in Mama's Shelter and the whole vibe was just cool, and relaxed. Wait, this is a tour! no way, I thought I was on vacation! :)
Now we looking ahead to no more days off with show after show until we fly back into the states, 7 shows straight. Bring the pain!
Catch you guys soon!
Maybe from belgium.

The lake were I jogged today in Paris, if you go around two time, you got four miles in the books!
Look at What I find here... lol... they are all over the world, doing the same rackets!
damn parking tickets!
There's like a million cafe's here, just take your pick!
Another corner turned, another cafe, take your pick please!
The streets of Paris
Trying to figure out which way to go!
This cool bridge I came across... I know my photographer friends are clowning my pics
In this book store, could you really find anything to read, oh look Andy Warhol!
Most of the time i was in a moving car, so my snaps had to be quick
Elysee Montmartre!
Walking down the street, looks who get reconized!
Tour manager Maria, Bilal, Tony, Mike, and Chris chiling
This cool dude is largely responsible for our good time in Paris, Friend Mikeal
He shot the video for the song Robots that I produced with Bilal
Cool dude!
Look at what I found, i remember walking by this place many of times before i knew what it was.
Moulin Rouge!
Look at the building, remembers me of somewhere, maybe NY

later folks,

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