Friday, April 1, 2011

Oslo,Norway again.... and tired!

Talk about traveling! How about driving from Philly, to New York, the JFK airport to be exact and then boarding a plane to fly to Frankfurt,Germany. The madness doesn't stop there, we clear through customs to only board a connecting flight to Oslo,Norway.
Our first show is tonight too by the way.
Were all going off of fumes scared to lay down in fear of over sleeping, so we walked around, and ate and now there is a hour in between our set tonight.
So here I am, writing to you guys. Blogging!
What can I say without sounding like a snob. I've been to Europe over and over again.
No, I've been here many times and overtime I come now it all feels the same to me?

Ok I'm trying, but I really have circled these places three and four times, maybe more.
To some degree most of the places, like London, Amsterdam,Paris, they all have the same feel to me now days. It's almost like you know what to expect and how to plan your time. You know exactly where you wanna eat, and go hang before you have to play. Sometimes, if your lucky, there's time to go check some cool museums and sights, and not to forget, time to shop for gifts to bring home for the loved ones and friends.
Im always have a hard time with that because it's so many people and most of the time you forget and people on your list are slighted. It's easy to remember to bring my mother fridge magnets though, she has a bunch of those.
Traveling around the world is totally cool, and to get paid doing what you love is a plus. I couldn't ask for more, I feel like God as truly blessed me and everything.
One thing that most people wont recognize is that, flying back and forth, driving from ferry to ferry, red eye flight after red eye flight, to some degree, you put miles on your buddy just as you put miles on your car.
Over the years, I've truly learned what it is to pace yourself during these travels.
What to pack, what to wear, how much to pack, not to over pack, and a good technique for staying organized in your travel bag.
Sounds funny, but in the end, it makes a world of difference.
Contrary to what I'm saying, For the longest time, I travelled around with a duffle bag, without wheels, from Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle airport without wheels, and usually always trying to figure out how to pack and roll to the point where i wasn't overloading my bag because I knew I would be carrying it on my shoulders. Poor me!
This time around, I took myself out to get a nice bag with wheels only to be more dependable and ready for the race in these airports. If you don't have wheels, you are killing yourself, Trust me, I've been through many of these moments and I wouldn't advise that for anyone.
Buy a great piece of luggage with wheels, that's if you travel all the time.

Man……… jet leg is kicking in. I wanna sleep, but I can't, and to top that off, we have a 4am lobby call for the airport…… Talk about the life and adventure of a musician.
I'm off to the show, catch you guys tomorrow!
We Flew on this plane and it held about 500 people.
My setup in Oslo.... was a good night playing wise!
The Venue was nice and crunk, but held a good energy, good first show
Front view of the venue.
The Life, planes, trains, and automobiles.......
Chris Turner, my homeboy from Ny by the way of Oakland California..
Look out for him, he's next


  1. I find it very interesting how you are sooo used to being in germany! Does it feel like a second home to you? You say your so used to traveling there that you know where all of your chill spots are, thats cool too! How is Germany compared to Philly? Do they have a nice city? Is there different types of music out there? You definitely should get more photos and video up here for all of us at home watching! I cant wait to travel there with you one of these days! Enjoy the rest of the tour and keep us posted! Love you cuzzo! Have fun!

  2. Love our blogs you really know how to make people feel like they are on tour with you by your storytelling