Thursday, April 7, 2011

These 5 AM Lobby Calls.....

If you only knew what the life of a musician is, I'm pretty sure that you would reconsider all the comments you made from time to time to a fellow friend who happens to be a musician.  For example you say things like, "Wow" You get to travel the whole world for free" I hate my job…. Yours is more fun. Stuff like that for example, which makes it more interesting for MTV to take upon a show featuring the details of a musician's life and what it's like prior to getting on stage and performing.

Well there's my introduction to my story today as I travelled  to Lyon,France. Oh yeah, remember my last blog about being in Paris, France for two days. Talk about a schedule!
Well last night was a cool show in Koln,Germany, a great musical town full of musicians and singers of such, and also a place I've visited often to record albums and play shows with a bunch of my friends there.
I met up with a bunch of them and ended going to  one of my friends studio to check out his place and all the amazing things going on there. Need I say, I'm gonna get  back over to record some records through some sweet pieces of equipment!

The days are so long you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Try starting off walking up at 9am to have yourself ready by 9:45 and downstairs in the lobby, only to hit the road in a van traveling to the next city. We left from Gent,Belgium and made our way to Germany which was about a 4 hour drive! Sounds cool and doable but put yourself in a van thats not comfortable and your still not fully awake, and everything inside of you wants to just lay on the floor somewhere to get some kind of comfort… NO!
The 4 hour drive becomes very intense, with our tour manager driving a stick and listening to all the soul music you can handle, its definitely a trip to experience, and y'all thought it was all sweet.
We arrive at our next destination and we're pressed for time, so we head straight to the venue and sound check, and then after soundcheck, all the good stuff happens, you see your friends, and family, and you chat, and eat, and then there's this short window of time to get ready for the show. Fast forward, we played a great show minus all the smoking that people are doing, and then you meet and greet, shake hands, hook up with friends again.
With me not seeing my friends here for some two years, I go and hang out and catch up, only to be sent home wishing i had more amazing stuff in my studio. I did managed to sneak away with a crazy Moog keyboard, and not to mention that everyone is doing well, and it was great to see everybody there in Koln, Germany, NIce town. 
In the back of my mind, I knew I had a 5am lobby call to catch a flight to Lyon, France. Being as though I never get the proper amount of rest most the time,  I stayed up for the entire day, even after the show, hung out at a studio until four, then came back to the hotel and washed and packed and downstairs in the van ready to go. At this point, it's 6Am and were making our way to the gates, with no sleep and only to get harassed by the security agents! NIce!

Lyon, France had some beautiful weather today, the kind that makes you feel good, and your walking around with positive energy, you know that feeling? Well I had it today and was glad that the cold season is done for a little while.
Soundcheck was nice and easy. I had a stupid situation with my blackberry battery dying, then one of the runners at the venue took care of me, and now I'm back up and running!
Show was great, I always feel like if my drums are the way they suppose to be, meaning, if they provide what I ask for on the tour rider, I usually have a good show. It's a ritual for me, if its not good, then it really predicts my mood and my playing tends to be good, but feeling wise, it's a rough thing to endure. Im sure my fellow musicians can relate.It's a neutral thing.

After the show, the normal, meet and greet, take a gang full of photo's and drink lots of water. 
Then you decide, if you wanna eat,hang, or whatever, and then BOOM…….. Hey guys, 5AM lobby call again…….. 
My sleep pattern is all messed up, damn it's gonna be rough once I get home.  Its the life, getting up early, going through the airports, going through security, and taking your stuff out your bags, put it back in your bags, every night, this is how it is.
You still want that life?
Yeah….. I'll still take it, I've seen the world and circling it at this point, there is still a few places I haven't been yet, but this is cool so far and all the miles we put on our bodies can compare to any of these experiences.
Well it's almost 3am and I gotta be in the lobby in two hours….. If I go to sleep, I'll be doomed…. I"ll stay up and blog and give you this experience…. sorry if my pics are boring… It's the only place I've today, even with dinner, there just so happen to be a Thai place in our lobby! Pretty good too!
On to Amsterdam…… Vaporsssssssss….. later folks
Guess it meant to say parking drive?
The Venue had a amazing feel on the inside, not the same for the outside though
My Boy Bilal, works hard, Had a new baby just yesterday and he's out here on the road, killing shows, and doing interview after interview
Look at what I found, A dope jogging trail!
Didnt have time to run today.
There's a nice little view of Lyon France, some say its boring, but it def had a cool vibe.
The sun was out shining today.
The Hilton at Lyon France, one of the biggest hotel by Hilton I've ever seen
The View of the hotel from the elevator.... I felt like i was in the damn matrix
After a all night event... we got here at 9 am this morning and that bed never looked so good to me.
And there was Thai, right in our lobby! Good too!
Right before the show, we ate and went to the gig.


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