Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Rainy Day Gives me time reflect and see how I've........

I've been totally disconnected with my blog page and due to me finding out how to buy time for everything, something is gonna lack, somehow I vow to keep it going and keeping in touch with you guys with everything. It's been a busy few months and now I'm gathering everything back together and hopefully I'll be able to post more and share with you what's going on.

Today I just wanted to introduce you to some video if you already have seen them, of the tour with Bilal and the guys.
I have to say, playing with those guys really bring joy to my soul when we play. It's been a few years already that we've been playing together and now we have a few new additions to the band and they are. Corey Bernhard who's playing keys with us and he has been a wonderful player filling in Robert Glasper's old spot, And Singing background vocals with us is Chris Turner, a singer who is making headlines all over New York City. Chris Just recently Performed on The Music Matters Program on Bet.
They Let him Perform two of his own songs titled All We Need And Liquid Love. I was Able to lend a hand in replaying those songs for him while he had some sample issues that couldn't be cleared in time,  which turned out to sound pretty good!
Chris has a smooth calming tone, far greater then the likes of Maxwell, Yeah I said it, Max is great but Chris is taking it to another level of smooth. Having crafted his gift at the famous New School in Ny, where Bilal,Robert Glasper and a host of dope musicians went, he can really play with his voice and know every note that he's putting out.
What I like best about him is that he's plays within the vibe of the show, and I mean he just takes his time and hits all the right notes and just got the vibe.

Corey Bernhard…. What can i say about him. Corey subbed in for our other keys player named Yuki. He's pretty dope as well, but we were about to travel a little more and Yuki had other obligations, and they just so happened to be roommates and he asked Corey to sub in, and every since Corey has been on the gig. I like to think that it has been more then a year that he's been playing with us. Corey really studied our vibe, it's pretty easy but hard at the same time. While most of us aren't Jazz musicians in that since, Playing ten years with Robert Glasper and Bilal have made us comfortable with the Jazz approach. Meaning there's not a lot of rehearsals going on, and we feed off each other during the song. Most musicians wouldn't rather play that way, but we do for the most part, and it really good to see Corey come in and develop his sound and find his place. It's a very demanding gig and not that easy as some would like to think it is. Just watch on some of the videos that I've posted below and you will see.

Going from playing on countless tours and stages, and still to this day, I'll play on tours, but one major thing has changed that all for me. Opening a studio and producing records. It's a demanding life and the time flies by so quick you don't even realize what has happened.
It's also a blessing to be able to record and produce music and then share it with the world. Some would say that it's just a hobby, some would say, I wanna get paid, some would say, Hey man, this is what God blessed me with me, the ability to make music.

Even with the trials that come with this life, I don't think I would trade it in for a day job.
Enough with that, I wanted to share with you guys and gals through footage, not so much words, so here you go.

I wasn't able to grab a hd camera for my short little movie, documenting our way to the Nations Capital.. Washington D.C.
You can still get the picture on how it is getting ready for a show out of town….. Maybe I'll do more… leave a comment if you enjoyed it. Thanks again for following me. Stay tuned.
At A Jazz Club in Minden,Germany
Chris Turner- The Vocalist
Mike Severson- Guitar /Vocals
Corey Bernhard- Keys
Conley Whitfield-Bass
Bilal and Tone  Check out my the videos and leave a comment

And last but not least, check out how we travel and play a show