Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thankful....That's All

What's up everybody… While I'm in a writing mode and promised to stay on up my blog…I had a few things that were on my mind and what better way to talk about it then write about it. Therapeutic would you say!

Ok.. So I'm sitting in my Studio and I'm in the middle of this interview from some really really good people from Japan… Who happens to follow my music since 2004… It was a humbling experience to know that my music is heard all over the world!!! I use to be that kid reading album credits to see if my favorite producer had anything to do with that record.. and behold… I'm in the album covers that people get to read worldwide!
God! God! God! I can't thank him enough!  Now people are checking for me and loves the work.. some even called it quality material and it gets better each time!
These amazing folks sat in my studio and reminded me of some work that wasn't even in the back of my mind.
It's like I produced a record or an album and then quickly on to the next thing smoking…. and little did I know that through all that time. I was building to what most would call a legacy….Again I"m humbled.. I Thank and Love each and everyone of you who support my music! Some of you…. I'm sure you know who you are.. You've really played a major role in where I am today! Giving me the chance when I was young and inexperienced….taking time out of your busy schedules to let me play around with your equipment.. Letting me blast music in your house…. You all know who you are! 
Hmmmmmmm…Now that I've gotten all the sentimental stuff out of me… one of the things I've had on my mind was that… during the Interview…it was pointed out that over in Japan, I'm fairly known in the R&B music scene heavy. Who would have known….. They also asked me a damn good question which was.. Do I consider myself an R&B producer that makes a lot of soul music… I responded with a sharp NO!
Well not that sharp… But I specifically informed them that I'm a music machine.. I love machine… I love to do all types of music..Hip Hop/Rock/Alternative/Electronic/Jazz….. whatever the music calls for!

When you look at my discography…. it will give you the feeling that I specialize in one type of Genre….But I promise you.. when it's my time…I"ll definitely put a end to statistic… I've been saying all along when I first started that… I could an whole Album with Jada Kiss or Nas.. two of my favorite rappers……And so on….. 
I just feel like I have a wide variety of music in my catalog and why shouldn't any person who's making music feel like they don't… at the end of the day. music is music.. and if your gonna do it.. just be sure to keep the authenticity of it  at it's very best.. Then they'll respect you and you can produce anybody's record you like!

That's my goal…. wanna hear what I'm saying then check it for yourselves……. Joy Denalane and artist from Berlin,Germany…. She just released her new album "Maureen" (Click on Maureen To Listen to songs) and guess who produced It ( If you read German great, if not just preview tracks 2,5,6,7,8,9,11,12……Not to forget my good brother Bilal…. Airtight's Revenge….. classic album and innovative in every way possible.
I wanted to make a note that when your in situations and I'm sure you've heard this a million times… but when people suggest something that you don't agree with and they often tell you that you can't do it and it's never been done before…. blow them off fast and strive for your dreams…. I'm still living out mines..and there are always gonna be speed bumps to slow you down…. Just keep pushing….Believing in yourself first is what makes everyone else believers….. I know… I know.. I sound like a preacher and all, but everything i said is true.. its pure.. and from the heart.
Congratulations to my Peoples.. Kindred The Family Soul….. They continue to make beautiful music while remaining humble and true to their fans worldwide… Today I seen them in concert and they reminded me that Their new album Love Has No Reccesion Will be out in a few weeks….Their first single was done by no other then Myself and my Amazing Partner Adam Blackstone.."You Got Love" Featuring Snoop Dog….. Great record!!!! It's always a joy working with them…Also check out the smash ballad I produced Called Sticking With You…I Hope you enjoy. 
Well… I don't wanna bore you guys anymore.. but thanks for reading and supporting me.. It means the world to me!
Thank You

Steve Mckie

Studio times, creating with Yuki,Dai,Tone,Rob,and my daughter Shey!
Glasses.. i never do this!
Sound Checking..
Mad at Kobe.. not sure why... he hates Philly??
Bilal and Myself
My City.. Philly..That's all folks

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  1. You produced the majority of Maureen!!?? Dope! Can't wait to listen to that Steve! Love her voice!