Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Life.....

Texas……….sporting a Phillies Cap….Dark Navy Blue With the White P.
As I gather my things at the counter, the clerk goes into a moment because most of his folks are from New Jersey… right outside of Philly… which results to them all being Phillies fans! He goes into a quick two minute story of his life and how he bought tickets for his grandparents to attend their first ever Philles Baseball game.
Somehow, I'm always being subject to a stranger enaging in conversation, while quickly blurting their whole life in a 3 minute span! It never fails, I smile and ask…" How Are you" Polite…From there its all she wrote.
This has happened to me quite frequently, I'm always puzzled in the end like.. what just happened? As if I was the guy on The Invention Of Lying.. :)

By the way baseball fans of your respected cities, If you didn't notice The Phillies are on a roll… did you watch the standings? We're first place with a hell of a pitching rotation! I have my Good friend in Philly Cj Branch to blame… he's a great young pianist from Philly quickly emerging into one of the cats! I credit him to befriending me into a Phillies fan. While we're at the studio… the game is on the  flat screen tv (not Mounted on the wall) while we make records. 
It's to the point where i watch the stats online and check the score and get pissed if one of my favorite players don't have a good game. Thanks C.J.

Anyhow, being on the road touring has been pretty cool… I've said it before…. being able to play using your god giving talents are a huge blessing. Many would love to be in a position where they wake up and get paid to do what they love for a living. I treasure it. Believe that folks. I really do. 
The only part about it is, you have to endure a crazy schedule, that includes a life where it can become very repetitious….The same things.. Check in…. Unpack lightly….Re pack and check out! It sounds like nothing, but when your on the road for a little over a month..those things become a pain in the ass! Somebody was smart enough to grab a more then reliable piece of luggage with wheels! :)
Even now……Sitting in the Van with a hefty amount of road to gain in the pursuit of Los Angeles!
The Gps is saying we've got about a twenty hour drive! Ouch…. which results in cramped up body…hunger…a  bunch of things all in one… You guys still envious of this lifestyle?

It's a process that one has to get use to.. other wise it will eat you alive.
I've been surrounded by a host of shopping malls… window shopping here.. buying stuff there… to jeans shopping in nordstrom….bestbuy… whole foods.. you name it… I never seen so many mall outlets.. and to top it off, they are built in the middle of nowhere!
Like hey.. come here.. shop.. eat and hang out.. then once you pull away from the complex.. its a bunch of space.. nature. weed tumbles.. Well this is Texas.

That is what I've been seeing outside of playing these shows… hotel after hotel.. nice one after not so nice one…..You know the rest.

After performing in Houston…even though the production of that night was very interesting… the vibe of the show was indeed there….The stage though…that we had to play on. reminded me of a scene from the wedding singer…. it was definitely 80's inspired…. I had to figure out how to get to the drums… climbing my way there even!
Music playing as I blog…….Heatwave's Star of the story… Now Common's they don't know.
With a host of movies on deck… I had to contribute to the pile… buying  couple of Will Farrell's classics… " Step Brothers" "Talladega Nights" Gotta make this trip worth while…..
Conversations going around in the van….. Funny story…..We all decided to stop in Nordstrom and next minute you know.. we are all trying jeans on.. i had about 6 to 7 pairs… in the fitting room……
laughing? Yeah it looked funny.. even Bilal was in there trying jeans on…we occupied each room!
Then on to wholefoods to load up on the fruit!
Life on the road… can you imagine it?
To ease our cabin fever pain.. we play catch.
The middle of nowhere!
Self timer is gonna help me take more pics :)

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