Friday, November 4, 2011

Be Fit

I started writing a blog on music and how I wondered if people missed those days of walking into a record shop to pick up your favorite new artist album and everything that came with that adventure.
I'm sure you all have stories about it and I'm also quite sure that you don't mind sitting  your lazy ass on your couch with your lap or desktop sitting right in front of you and your at the mercy of Apple's invention of Itunes!

You can buy your favorite songs and albums for $99 cents and $9.99 respectively.
Yeah… i went into a full story about it, but then something was brought to my attention.
Blog about something that really interest me and something that can reach out to my people! Without trying to sound like a world leader.
People now days are lazy.. yeah me too… I often get lazy with a bunch of things that I know I have to do.
You see it everyday. Your work load that you carry from day to day can keep you in a lazy funk.
Like there's just not enough time in one day, so you put things off that are obviously important, and you find yourself saying, ok, I'll just do that tomorrow.
Once you look up that tomorrow became a few weeks well into a month.
My point….. right….. I'm not gonna hit you with a sob story…. I'll get right to it.
Keep your figure tight…. look good for yourself…..Most importantly…. Try and keep things in order for your own well being…Stay Fit and Healthy!
By far.. I'm here judging anyone! But I will try to encourage you with my story.
As a teenager, I was a very athletic type of dude! I would play basketball everyday. It was ridiculous. I played in school, leagues, neighbor"Hoods", anywhere I could get a chance to play.
I played for fun, i played for battles, keeps, all that.
Little did I know that I would get older and wiser, but during that time frame an injury slowed me down.
Actually it kind of traumatized me from playing ball seriously. Which lead me to being the musician I am today.
What happened? My shoulder went through dislocation pains, yup the one where Mel Gibson pops it right back in during the movie…. Yes, thats real life! That was me, playing ball one minute and the next thing you know, one false move and its out…. it took me literally a minute to pop it back in and right back to action.
After while, the popping it back in thing, kinda took it toll, and had me laid out on a table for surgery!
Long story short..After rehab….. I was done…. no more ball for me.
What else could I do.
After years of being in the music business, Things have drastically changed….. I started sitting in front of a computer and drums…. it don't require me to move much and to be quite honest.. when your start aging a little, your body changes and things slow down.
All that crazy food I use to be able to eat and it not show on my stomach, or face….. they call it a tate worm….. I don't think so.
Which brings me back to why I'm writing this blog.
Rememer being in your twenties and you looked amazing, did it hurt when you finally realized that you went up a few pants sizes?
At one point in my life.. I was living in a shallow Hal world.. totally denying that I gained a bunch of weight, and I didn't pay too much of attention to it either.
I travelled the world back and forth, and I mean the world…
What didn't I incorporate through that journey?
A workout regime.
For working musicians, its really easy to pack on the pounds quick. Why?
We're often from the wear and tears of the road… getting up at the earliest hours to travel from one country to another, we work pretty much at night.. when do we eat? Well you know, whenever, after the shows, we hang out,  and the center of attraction is eating. Let's go grab some food.
Do I need to say more?
While I'm getting older a little and my metabolism is not running at the same speed it use to, I had to incorporate a plan to keep my self in somewhat of a good shape.
I jog…. i work out in the gym from time to time…. NO… Im not into it to become all mighty strong with massive muscles, but just light work outs that keeps my body cool.
I have a bunch of family and friends who I see now that have let themselves go, due to being lazy and blaming their work  as an excuse, or kids, or just life.
At some point you look in the mirror and see the damage, it motivates you to get control of it.
Then your laziness takes hold of you and the next thing you know is.. You've gained 20 more pounds and they are packing on fast. 
Your one of those folks who joins the gym at the top of the year and say, I wanna lose weight as my new years resolution. RIGHT. Please don't kid me with that one.
Try jogging… some it may seem boring, but the answer to that is, find a partner and allow them to push the hell of out you, and If I hear one more word about people not being able to jog because they say their knees are going to hurt……. Im gonna go crazy. (IT'S AN EXCUSE)
What have I done…. well its not simple, but one day I started off running because someone else encouraged me, i stressed that I want to be in shape and that I didn't wanna lose any self esteem in my life.
I took jogging on and at some point, I began to like it, like it a lot actually.
So much to the point where, I use a Nike sensor that goes into my Cool Nike Lunar glide sneakers.
The sensor tracks how long you ran, how many calories you  burned during the run, how fast your pace is going while you run.
It has definitely become a huge success with me.. and it's also one of my favorite hobbies now.
I like to get up and run, while it's freeing my mind, im working myself into a better shape.
Why did I type all of this?
Simple.. I wanna encourage people to not sit back and be lazy about your life and health.
You don't have a partner, simple, grab your Ipod, get some proper and comfortable running shoes,
Let your ipod be your coach. I have it on my sneaks and  I find myself often checking, seeing how fast I'm running .
Not sure if that is really helping me out  or not, but if I had to run without it now, I would be kinda thrown off, and out of place.
It definitely pushes you!

Check out my history on nike running  and see if that is something that floats your boat….people, we have to care for out well being,  don't let yourself go!  MY NIKE WORKOUT HISTORY
Too Be Continued………………………………………………….

My Brother John Price....Despite his crazy work schedule... he still manage to get out there with me!
This Amtrak Building I run past is a cool to look at?
The Locust Loop... This trail is nice and Short, but leads you right to the Art Musuem
You Can Ride your bikes, rollerblade, whatever floats your Boat
The runner crossed the finish line!
The actual Loop
Locust Street puts you right next to the trail.... and there's a Basketball court right down the way!
Yeah.. my bro John... different day, we be out!
Locust Point!

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