Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Very Own Ten Commandments!

It finally clicked just now.
Is my life from the past living in my current life?
It all started when i found myself sitting up, still at 6:27 in the morning. NO I haven't been sleep since i woke up earlier this morning or afternoon.
It's been a regular pattern as of late.
Hard times…… I've hurt someone so dear, so badly.
It's def a game changer!
I thought like crazy trying to figure out how to put this thing in words and share with you all.
Then that wouldn't be me though right, I gave you enough information though.
It's a very hard and trying time for me and my family.

Life is hard, I'm sure you know that though, you don't need me to remind you of that!

I'm laying here, wondering, why am I strapped with Insomnia in the worst way.
Usually i have it in the studio and I'm often inspired and surrounded by some great folks.
This time around, the wonderfully great folks are still there, and the music is at a all time great…
Where am I though?  Im there, but my spirits are totally not in the room.
Now we are all smart here right?
I don't need to go in to totall details to show you that my life is going through a trying time right.

Ok good.
My itunes just started playing Swv's  Weak song……………..Great!
Like I really needed to hear that…Talk about timing itunes!  Its ok, it was JoJo's version.

Insomnia usually lies within musician folks and entertainers.
It's like we are vampires of some sort, we all stay woke through out the night and early mornings.
Then sleep in the day, most of us anyway.

I'm so rude….. i didn't wish any of you guys  proper happy new year man, I'm sorry,


I wish you all the best and luck in your journey of this crazy life we live.

So many emotions, and feelings and thoughts come to play when your thinking about a new year!

Some, they come in with huge bang, Mines… this new year…… totally not what I wanted it to be, or even expected.
My new years resolution.. simple… Be a Better man! 
I'm definitely gonna get better with time.

Life is full of surprises, your tomorrow is not promised and you have to live for the day that was put in  front of you.
A lot of us like to say…One day at a time. I've been saying that for a month now.

No bullshit either, Im learning this on the fly…. no rehearsal, just going through life.
You make plans for your life,  you have a loved one in your life and you make decisions, but they don't always pan out like you had it in your head.

Which leads me to myself!

If I learned anything from my stupid mistakes, and I'm so sure that I have, is this.

Im not getting any younger, and life isn't gonna wait for me.
My choices, and decisions have to be wise beyond me.
I have Children that looks up to me and expect greatness out of me.

There's a special someone, and I've failed to make a legitimate plan for our future.
I'll say it again, I'm not getting any younger… I've got to make it happen.

What's the first step?

I'm not even sure anymore, but here are some things that  I've learned and will totally  do better and accomplish them.

1. Always have a plan, never be unsure when your dealing with someone's feelings and Heart.

2. Be a natural born leader, take matters in your hands, consult and come to an agreement with your partner that you love.

3. Be loyal, Be faithful… if you can't take yourself out the game.

4.Try not to be selfish and keep a thoughtful mindset at hand, always make your partner feel like they are number one.

5. Be a great listener and a better communicator with everything. Its nothing like a person who can really thoughtfully listen to their mate.

6. Love unconditionally…….. love from your heart…. Give it your best.. if your actually in love!

7. Be honest, even if it hurts you to be, even if it hurts her! or him… that way you can deal with something with a better understanding. Number seven shoulda been number one to me……….

8.Just say I Love You every other day to ensure your partner that your always in the zone, meaning she is on your mind constantly and there's no other place you would rather be. simply… I love you

9.Ultimately…. Put her first, as she would put you…. right at the top of the list, knowing how bad you love the drums, studio, the tours, hanging with your crew… keep her first!

10. Last but not least, you feel it, but your a little nervous… just buckle down and solidify your future, bring God in your house, and into your family….Make it count… love her, cherish her, she's one of the best things that ever happened to you……Make it official, it's only one life….. you know.

Sorry to sound like a book from borders, but i write about whats true.
Hopefully times will get better and these future blog post wont be so sad.
I hope maybe even a few people take some good from it.

I'll rap with you all soon on the next one, for now… i'm trying to sleep
Its 7:15 in the morning, I see the light out.

P.S. Is a bit corny but in this case….. i could care less…..

Every word I typed is especially for you, i'm sure you know who you are.
I'm not gonna front… this is really it!

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  1. I'm awake myself , from line to line I felt apart of that moment of your blog . I so love your commandments , what a next level thinking. We live in a world that I thought myself do we value love , respect for ourselves and other . It's a rdiant thing to know that unconditional love still exist .Steve Soar King then glide!!!