Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Musician Talk, And Thankful

For some strange reason, everytime I go and sit down and wanna write a new blog entry, I feel at best on my good old laptop.
It's not the new one with the black keys, it's the one right before that one, and Oh! it's a german keyboard,not that it matters, but I've gotten use to it over the past few years.
I do own two other macs, but I feel as though, they serve their purpose for the studio and sitting there right in front of it give me a different feel. So hear I am on the laptop I go.

February is here and it's almost over. Did we all forget about the significance of Black History Month?
I'm seeing and feeling less and less promotions of it. Maybe it's just me.

(Side bar I'm so hungry right now.. I almost wanna stop writing and go eat….Oh Well)

Now that I'm saying stuff about Black History Month….Im seeing pictures on FB with Dr King and Obama cropped in together, I even saw one with Malcom in there too.
Can you only imagine what they went through fighting for our people's rights and shit.
All the drama, the beatings, the lynching, the bus situation.
Just Imagine how easy things are right now, versus back in those times.
Do you think that you could live through all of that.
Sometimes I wonder if you put this new generation in those old times and see what the results would be. Just a thought, not to worry, I'm not trying to start some shit, just wondering.

Anyway, just to be in the spirit, I enjoy seeing friends drop some knowledge of our Black History.

For some, it's there first time being educated of such things.

lately I've been in the studio creating, and crafting my sound. Im always talking about making a rich music legacy, to be remembered when you go back and listen to good music.
God gave me this gift, So i'm just running with and doing every possible record I can.

That's how guys did it back in the day. There were Hit factory studios in those great selected cities, yes… Philly is one of them and now, im just taking the blueprint and trying to put my stamp on it.

Just a few little stamps.

The Life of a Musician… It can be hella crazy sometimes….(Did I really just say hella, like I'm in Houston or Cali) 

Yeah… Ok… So
I recently made a post on Fb, or twitter and maybe i offended a few folks by what I said.

This is exactly what I said.

(I Do Music For A Living, I don't have a 9-5/ Cats get off from work And try to transform into a musician! That shit ain't real at all!)

OK….. sorry to offend anybody, I really am. There are some folks who are honest, and they work a 9-5 soley to support the music and I'm fine with that, if that's how you decide to rock, all the power to you. At least I know your working a job, and once you get paid, it's going to Logic/Pro Tools/Apple!
You looking towards you future right? Cool!
I can definitely understand that.
Now take the cats, Who work in the day, The totally go to work to support their shoe habit, or clothes, or whatever it is they are obsessed with.
Your not in the musical circle of musicians, You have all the talent in the world, but you don't understand what it means to make your craft work for you. You think it's a game almost.
You get a paycheck every two weeks, because your scared to live in that moment that all musicians have when they waited for the next gig and was broke. Your totally scared of that.

You like your health benefits, we're just happy to be blessed with good health and if it's something really crazy, we'll pay the necessary dollars it is to get better… No Co Op's or however you call that shit.
We wake up and turn on itunes and inspire our morning with music and the day just folds itself out if we aren't on a se schedule, on the road, in the studio for a block.

You, you wake up at 6:30….Hop in the shower… get your caffeine addiction going, only to keep you awake because it's too damn early and you don't have the strength.
Then your on your shift, whatever it is you do, I'm almost sure that You've blurted out a few times that you didn't wanna be there and how much you hate that job.
Your shift is over 8 hours later, (Slave hours) Your tired as crap and you can't even think about anything else but getting home and laying on your ass, so you can rest up for tomorrow  to do the same shit all over again.
My first 8 hours… hmmmm let me think…I'll figure out what it is that I'm gonna eat, bullshit around on the net checking my daily emails, checking yahoo sports, Twitter, FB… you know,the same shit you do while your on your shift.
The only thing is, After 8 hrs…. I'm still working…working on records, mixing ideas, brainstorming, doing whatever it is, Play a show… and YOU….Your tired as fuck and you gotta fight with yourself mentally to figure out if you wanna go to the studio all night, or if you wanna go to a jam session, because those are some of the things in which requires to be a musician.

And Please… I'm not saying this to brag about what I do at all, it is truly a blessing from the sky and I'm aware of that. God Blessed some of us to entertain through music. So I know my place, I know what I'm called to do.

I just wanna make some people aware that, this calling yourself a rapper, drummer, singer, horn player, back up singer, The only way it works for real for real, is just by you living the life.

Networking, going to events, being seen, displaying your talent anywhere you can.
Nobody is gonna see you if your working at a 9-5 that has nothing to do with the music Biz.

There's no cutting corners with it. It's a major sacrifice, you have to been always on cue and prepared and ready to do whatever the gig calls for.

If you haven't listened to anything I said, then this is not the career for you, and if you wanna do it as a hobby and have little gigs singing at the airport when I walk through security, then fine. thats all on you.
If your serious, then you will find a way to make your gifts generate income!
Trust me on that one.

People always look at you in a different light when you come to an audition and you say, oh yeah… i work at Lowe's…..It's not a negative light.. but your kinda not being taken seriously.

Cats wanna know if your available right now.

I don't wanna call you for a gig and you go… wait… I don't have my passport!
Or something in that nature.
If you were on your shit, you would know that your already suppose to have your passport ready.
People play overseas all the time now, its a regular thing, But your so caught up in working your shift and getting off at 5 and can't think of nothing else but sleep, or maybe you have a lil gig, or whatever.
I can tell you this, once you start to take your stuff serious and you figure out how to make money with the gift God gave you… it's the best thing in the world.

All that to say,I've seen people who work and then jump on the nightshift music world, and then it ends, eventually… 6:30 Am  comes and your getting ready for work again.

Are you really giving it your all.. are you really pushing towards your everyday dreams.
How are you gonna develop… you gonna get better by watching the dude in the cube next to you?


To my Homie @ColeyOnDrumz from ATL……. You know it's not personal at all.
I hate watching those people who try to fraud their way through, like they are living this life, and they really not. 
I hope you understand.
At the moment, I'm working on a few interesting Projects… Vivian Green's return to RnB Lol….. maybe she's not reading this..  And My Boy Chris Turner….If you haven't gotten up on him yet, you will soon, His album is shaping up kinda nice and I'm proud to be producing some of it with him.

Bilal… we're always brewing some cool new tunes…

I'm attempting to do a quick lil EP…. yes  a Mckiebeats joint… I'm putting it all in the works right now, I Just gotta finish up other projects and then I'll be in the Matrix……

Me and bro…George Spanky McCurdy,has been working on a number of things…I know right, what the hell two drummers doing working together… Well remember Andre Harris and Vidal Davis… PHILLY.. yup, they've done it so… why not.

I've also been really blessed to be around some major talented and Young Musicians….
CJ Branch, Mario Crew, Andre Pickney… They all currently are holding down my boy Jeff Bradshaw. 
And last but not least for now anyway… My Boy Adam Blackstone.. 
Maybe you don't know but me and adam has been making music together and gigging since 2002.
All the hard work is paying off, but we still approach it with the same mentality.
Work hard, and keep working hard.
It doesn't even matter, if I'm on the road, and he is too.. then we make a record sending files back and forth through the net.
When we're in the studio in person, magic always happens…..

The last time we did something in the studio, This Project came about From a Good Friend Name Laurin Talese…. I hope you all enjoy if you haven't already heard it! DOWNLOAD!

LAURIN TALESE DEAD PRECEDENCE Produced By Adam Blackstone & Steve Mckie


BTW I've Been Sucked in By Instagram/Stevemckiebeats If you like the snap shots
Do I have  A Twitter...SteveMckiebeats

Cj Branch-Keys
I'm sure He's high
Follow Him on TWITTER
Chris Turner- Follow Him Too On Twitter
StudioPine is not a huge place... But there's a second workstation
There's workstation Number 1
One of Adam Blackstone's Bass
I Had this kit up for almost two years now,
I wanted to change it, But, they sound so good!
I thought my other kits sound good, but this one!
Chris Dave, George Spanky McCurdy will def tell you!
A few keyboards setup...
A bunch of randomness eventually used on one of my records
ANother Drum view
Folks at the studio enjoying the sounds
Could have sworn i left the studio with my sticks clean, WHo did that..
Mario Crew!!!!!!!

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  1. McKie...I needed to read this one. I'm guilty of not making my gift work for me. Starting now... I'm stopping with the procrastination and self defeat! Self defeat....its a killer. I feel because I am different in my style (among other things) I don't fit and won't be accepted or viewed as being a dope drummer which I know I am. Not the best but dope just the! My name isn't McKie or Spanky or Chris Dave or Mark Colenburg but I strive to be around and play with these cats! So I'm! I appreciate you and these blogs. If no one else reads, I do (even if I'm a few months behind :)