Saturday, June 30, 2012

Parents Gotta Fly Too!

My Parents

Day 6 I believe it is! I'm putting my body through a no carbs routine…. I told myself that I can go maybe ten days or more without them, so here I am. I believe it might be day 7 though  if I'm not mistaken.

So far, so good. I tried it last year, for about twelve days and I literally went down a shirt size. I was amazed, like anyone would be, but at the same time, it really made me realize all the junk and sugar that my body doesn't need but craves.
I ate fruit instead of eating candy and sugar loaded calorie cakes. You know, the brownies, and 7up punned cakes and honey buns.

Dried fruit like mango and cranberries do the trick sometimes, even red grapes can help. 
The night time comes, and I'm looking around for any type of sugar i can get. It's a tuff fight but I made it through so far.

ANyway, enough with that, I wanted to write today because something was on my mind, and I thought i would share with you guys.

I started to write an email to my parents, particularly my mom because she has a fear of flying but she's always talking about seeing the world and everything.
As I begin to type, I said to myself, you are not the only one in the world that has parents who have a fear of flying, so maybe if you shared a blog, not to personal, it could inspire someone's else folks to make the step as well.
Who knows, whatever, but its true.

How many times can you get on a plane and get to your destination of choice and not be fulfilled to the point where you bring back bits and pieces of a culture you've never experienced before?

I do it all the time when I travel. To those who know a little about me, know that I've been all over the world and back multiple times in these amazing countries, continents, whatever.
You always bring a piece of it back with you, whether its food, being introduced to a new drink, clothing, or more importantly, a new setting in your mind, exploring a world of so many beautiful things to see. 
Why sit around when you can go anywhere you like. You have a vacation time, and all you do is sit around and rest and maybe travel to a nearby beach, that you've been to a dozen or more times.

Let's take my Mother and Father for instance, and maybe they will kill me, but for over a decade now, they have had the privilege to get a on plane and fly anywhere they could ever imagine…. FOR FREE….. now we all know what that means if you have a sibling working for the airport, then you know what those perks are.

For at least ten years or more now, and not one flight out!

What I wanna tell them is, flying has become apart of our everyday lives, people get up every morning to take a flight somewhere, everyday!
The fear of flying leaves you once you get in the air, and when you think about the destination of your trip and why your going there, it really relaxes you and help you deal with being thirty thousand feet in the air.

For years, my parents would travel to Wildwood New jersey to relax for their summer vacation and they would often include the rest of my siblings to come, and you know me, I'm complaining the entire way there because I'm feeling like, well, i just came from europe or somewhere and now we are headed to wildwood?
Not to sound like a snob, but the point that I'm getting at is, I go to these beautiful places in the world, and most the time, I'm thinking, wow, my family would love to be in this atmosphere, only if my parents could see where I'm staying, Only if they could see how blue the water is and how close the mountains are to you.

Only if they could experience walking through customs with their passports entering another country, the joy of getting multiple stamps in your passports to outline all the traveling you've done, sometimes that's fun.

There were times when I would walk around the streets of Paris or even the south of France thinking to myself, wow, it's amazing here, My mom would love it here, and my dad would enjoy it too.
Imagine how their faces would be standing next to the Eiffel Tower taking all the coolest pictures with their iphones, posting on their Facebook accounts. 
My Mom loves the spirit of Christmas, so imagine her walking through the streets of Avenue des Champs-Elysees during Christmas time.
Im sure she would be geeked!
Even the beach scene in the daytime in Miami is ideal, and the plane ride isn't that long.

I always suggested Florida for their first time going on a plane, it's quick and easy to get it over with….

My main goal of writing this, is because I've seen so many places this world has to offer, It wouldn't be right if my family, or yours doesn't do or see some of the same things. 
It kills me to come home, and have a gathering and say, Oh, I don't eat that anymore, I went to 

One of the problems with America…. stubborn, thinking this is the only place to be in the world.

It's designed to almost never having to leave it.  The cultures of the world and what is has to offer is not important to everybody so they don't bother trying to explore any other.
It's funny, my mom has me bringing her fridge magnets from all of the places I've been to, and now, there's magnets from all over the place, I use to wonder would that help her get closer to getting on a plane herself, but it never worked.

People…..encourage your folks to go and see the world and  explain to them how important it is to take in all these cultures.

For years they have been raising us, to be the best we can be, and now, they have the chance to reward themselves with the privilege of flying to a cool destination…. make them go. I'm About to!

See the world Mom and Dad… you will never regret it! I've added some pictures throughout my journey for you guys to look foward too in your future travel.

Since I'm new to this, I thought i would share some new beats for you all.

Nice Hotel Beds
California of course!
Switzerland( And Please take your time to look at this picture, its amazing )
California Venice Beach
Atlanta When it snows

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