Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Venting Out Loud


I Haven't written a blog in a few months, but this one was well worth the wait man. 

I'm thinking to myself reflecting on the moves I've made in my career, and thinking about all the people that came in my life and help me get to my dreams of being a successful musician and eventually producer!
The road wasn't easy, at times I felt I should be in a better position then some should have been, and your talent just makes you feel you that your suppose to do any and everything. I had to learn the hard way, but it turned out being the right way to go.
I even read books on how some things go on just to educate myself on what life i wanted to get myself into.

I played gigs where it felt like i would never make it out the city. I traveled through a few cities only to make a few bucks, but little did i know, I was paying my dues and grooming myself for the bigger picture. 
When People say you have to obtain a bunch of patience and perseverance, they mean it in all senses of the meaning.
Remain patient man, God didn't give you that talent for no reason, if you put in the hard work, your gonna reach a peak, but it will NOT happen over night man.

1998 marked the time when i Graduated from High school, it was a significant timezone for a young musician coming up in Philly. 
Nothing was given to you like things are today. Call me old or whatever, its the damn truth.
Everybody earned their stripes for all the success that is happening now.
It makes it that much sweeter because some of them, well, actually a lot of them come from my hometown and they are close friends as well.

Yeah, whatever, getting to my point.

To  all the college musicians who are privileged to attend a prestige school, Please, Please, Please man. Use it to your best interest, but Never, Never, Never use it to the point where your promoting false information man.
I can't understand for the life of me why you use  situations like, your school being able to afford to pay for an artist to come there and perform, with the school band that is, and ruin their tunes and then promote how you've toured with them, when in fact, you've only shared the stage with them for a brief, nice and short and sweet recital or function, your school (Berklee) created for you.
Last time I checked, when you promote yourself, you normally would have to actually play for this artist, for a significant amount of time.
Playing with Bilal… or etc artist at your school doesn't mean you go and tell your homies and the world that you've toured with them. ( YOU NEVER DID THAT)

The shit doesn't count man. I played with several people in my time and I STILL don't include them on my resume of touring. When you have talent and your dope, after a while, your gonna get discovered and eventually wind up doing the things you want. Patience!

Granted, we are in a different time in music and the platform for cats coming out and wanting the lime light and now all of the sudden recording their own records, it's very inspiring, but in all actuality, your killing people's ears by putting shit out because you have the means and you really haven't developed a good enough sound to call your own yet.
Yeah, Im talking about you, if your gonna take it personal!
Now days, anybody can devote their young lives to a macbook pro with logic and youtube. That's how you created your sound and album and I don't think that shit is cool. What the hell did you go to school for in the first place???

My suggestion, Maybe you should really study music in a pure form, and not just listening and learning certain groves and songs just for the fuck of it.

Ok, you can play Jaco all day, and chicken, my most hated jam session song, but, can you actually sit down and just play a few notes and have people leaving, with a good impression, and a good sense for who you can be down the road.

I know, maybe i sound a bit harsh, but i wasn't a schooled musician, I didn't have a platform where you really don't have to do shit to make it out.

I didn't come up in a era where you play in church and people worshiped your ground,and  immediately your head balloons to a point where your thinking, wow man, yeah I'm dope…. Im suppose to go straight to the majors man.
Nope I didn't do that at all, so why should you?

Walk a humble ground man, don't run around in a city, telling folks your touring with this person and that person. After a while, i assume it will catch up with you, and when people finally catch on, your  basically looking like an ass.

There's no need to state your claim, specially when your doing well, why? well, people, and social networks, and all that stuff will do it for you.

Your playing will do most of the talking, and the rest is strictly on how your choose to carry yourself through it. DON"T LIE…. DON"T SAY I TOURED with BILAL AND WHO EVER ELSE  you only played one show for, ok, maybe two, but that's not enough to say… I've toured with this guy and that girl, or guy, whatever you wanna call it.
You get my point!

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